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Thursday, April 15, 2010

"I knew her when..."

Peanut has had some trouble in school with concentrating, specifically when it comes to her computer assignments. Her teacher mentioned that she would often bother other students when she didn't know what folder to get into on the computer to do her work. This was actually causing Peanut some anxiety. We kept hearing how computers were dumb and that she hated computers. Yesterday morning it was particularly bad and I could feel her anxiety over it (it was her day to do computer work at school). She was almost in tears on the way to school. I gave her words of encouragement before she got out of the car, but just felt so badly for her. I emailed her teacher to ask if there's something we could do to help her re-direct her focus and to ask if she noticed any other problems. She sent me this very thoughtful email back about how her focus was getting a little better, but she was still having trouble getting into the computer assignments. She said that yesterday she actually did a great job getting into it and was heavily praised.
And here's what she wrote that made me quite emotional:
"She did a great job yesterday with one of her papers (got it done within the specified time without dazing or telling stories to her table mates) and I really praised her for that. I want her to see how important that is and how proud of her I am when she can do that. I have seen a little more effort lately, so hopefully we are headed in the right direction. She has such a powerful imagination. I don't want to squander that, but she does need to learn how to control her thoughts so she can focus on directions and details. Someday she'll be an amazing author or actor or producer and I'll be able to say I knew her when."