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Friday, November 30, 2007

Eli Magic

Peanut instantly connected with Eli (mom's dear one). She just adored him. We all took her to the Dinosaur Museum on the Friday after Thanksgiving. She stuck to him like glue. I tried in vain to capture those moments with my camera...grrr. I did get a couple of decent photos. I love sharing my daughter with people...especially when they are so giving and kind.

Let's Go Seminoles!?

Saturday the 24th of November was the FSU/UF game. We played on UF's home field (aka "the Swamp"). Not a good game...but we did have fun dressing up for it! Again, I just could not get a good photo of Peanut because standing still for "mommy" to take the picture is just no fun. I was surprised when she remembered the cheers though...Let's go Seminoles, fight team fight, scalp em!...or not as was the case on Saturday. :(


It snowed in Albuquerque Friday morning and afternoon...didn't really stick, but it sure was fun watching it come down. Ever notice how quiet the world seems when snow first starts to fall? Like the earth just camly stops and waits to be covered. The same calm you get when you're putting a blanket on someone. Here are some photos taken from my mom's house. Her views of the mountains are great. Also there's a picture of a peace rose that bloomed outside her kitchen window. It was a stunner!

More White Balls Please!

Peanut has been calling my mom's matzo ball soup "white balls" since she was old enough to talk. The last time my mom was in Dallas she made extra soup and matzo balls for me to serve after she left. Peanut wouldn't eat them. The only time she'll eat them is when Nana Rose feeds them to her. I was unable to capture a good picture of the two of them together (camera issues), but I did get this cute one of her being fed. The hand feeding her is Nana's though! Matzo balls are pretty big . She ate two! I had three and could have had them all day long. Nobody makes matzo balls like my mom! Best feel good food on the planet...Jewish Penicillin.

Plane ride to Albuquerque

I took Peanut to Albuquerque to celebrate Thanksgiving with Nana Rose and Eli. Was a little nervous about the plane ride since it had been about a year and a half since the last time we traveled. I purchased a portable DVD player a few hours before our flight. I didn't think I had enough time to charge it up, but I did it anyway (for about an hour and you're supposed to charge the battery for at least 8 hours according to the instructions). I pulled it out while we were on the plane and told her that I wasn't sure how long it would work...it lasted for over an hour! She especially liked that the headphones fit ("Mommy, these fit me just right!"). Flying back was also a breeze and not just because we had the DVD player. We simply had fun. She made so many people smile along the way. It amazes me her capacity to spread sunshine. Here are a couple of photos of my traveling Peanut.

Happiness comes in a wrapper sometimes

Received these photos from Robert. They're from Halloween night at Mimi and Paw Paw's house. She really got into the candy this year. I love the "mmm" noises she makes when she's eating it. Pure happiness.

Monday, November 12, 2007

The Percy-nator

New table

I have been wanting a new table for my dining room for the last two years. Finally found one to match the sideboard (close enough). Amazing what a little furniture can do to lift a girl's spirits. Doesn't quite lift my spirits as Seattle, but it will have to do for now. ;)

Scarecrows a plenty

Had way too much fun decorating the front of our house this year for Halloween and Thanksgiving. In the spirit of "Autumn" I have decided to leave the decorations up until after Thanksgiving. Here are a couple of photos. Loved picking out the scarecrows. Some I found with Peanut and some were a surprise to her when Robert would drop her off to me on Saturday. I love Saturday drop off mornings. Such a treat to get the hugs from my sweet girl. Amazing how I always think she's grown in just the three days that we're apart...and how much she looks like Robert on Saturdays and leaves looking like me on Wednesdays.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Ever since the accident

Had my first car accident yesterday while on my lunch break. Was pretty scary and brought up all sorts of emotions. I was heading east on Alpha Rd and had the green light. Car that was coming from opposite direction and turning left didn't yield right of way. Didn't even see her until I hit her because she was trailing behind an 18 wheeler that had also just turned left. I was thinking to myself "wow, that truck is nervy for turning without an arrow" and BOOM!!! there was the other car. Apparently the lady assumed she had a green arrow since the truck just turned and she didn't slow down to make sure she could go. Her view of me was also blocked by the truck. Was amazing how many people stopped to make sure we were okay, including the lady who was behind the car that I hit. When she mentioned that it tugged on her heart b/c she too has a car seat in her back seat I started bawling...really hit that Peanut could have been in the car! Aaak...thankfully I was a block from the office and Sandi came to be with me. The lady whose car I hit was very nice, and I was so glad she wasn't hurt. The officer didn't issue a ticket to her, but she did acknowledge that she shouldn't have tried to turn. Her insurance should cover the damage, etc. By the time we were done giving our reports, exchanging info, etc we got to know each other pretty well...ended up giving her a hug before I left. I say any accident where (1) nobody gets hurt and (2) you can hug the person that you just had the accident with is a "good accident" (?) :)

Pictures are of my car (Charlie Brown) and the car I hit. I am so getting a Toyota again the next time around. My car is being fixed, but it is so tempting to get a new car now rather than waiting until my 40th birthday next year as planned.

Brings me to another story. There was this guy in high school named Robert Berezin. We were in drama and driver's ed together. Before I got to know him I always heard him start every sentence with "Ever since the accident...". Well naturally I thought the first couple of times that I heard it that there must have been some horrible accident that he was in...WRONG! He just thought it was cool to give that impression...a little wierd, but he was pretty darn funny most of the time. Fit right in with the drama crowd.

Trick or Treat Cutie

Peanut had a great time at school on Wednesday for Halloween and trick or treating later that evening. The little boy that she's walking with is Luke. They held hands for most of the parade. Very sweet boy and they've had a couple of fun play dates this past year. Trick or Treating at the in-laws was surprisingly easy. Felt no different than when I used to go over there with Robert...I guess b/c we just never really had an emotional connection with each other (Robert and me) before, so it is natural that no emotions were felt that night either. His parents were just wonderful, almost feel closer to them now.