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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Dear World,

Dear World,
It's time we sat down for a meal together.
Might I suggest buffet-style?
We could stand in line for all the helpings we want,
Serve one another when our arms are too full,
Pick off of each others' plates,
Get a taste of something new and different,
Devour conversations,
And fill our bellies with sweet laughter.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


The events that unfolded in Pakistan today break my heart. I wrote this piece in January 2012 and was reminded of it today. Those sweet children! What kind of animal?!!!!!!...sigh.......


Two enemies stand side by side, broken.
Clothed in anger adorned with contempt.

They know no warmth, only an insatiable hunger
That sends shivers through their bones.

Their skin is rough,
Signs of kindness chiseled from their faces.

A higher power brought them together that day.
Each placed before the casket of their enemy's child.

Two deaths caused as a result of their hatred.
Grief filled the silent spaces in-between the violence.

That day forced them to shed their skin
Their eyes overflowing with salty tears.

They would never be the same,
Nor could they see each other as different.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Catch

He found his favorite spot,
A secluded wilderness where he could be alone and fish.

He was so angry he screamed at the fish and the birds and the sun.
He screamed to the higher power that let him down.
The rage engulfed him,
He ached.
He hurt!

The pain of the past year stuck to his body,
So he shed his clothes
And jumped into the ice cold water.
He cringed.
He cried.
Not because the water was cold,
But because he finally felt something other than grief.

The mountains mimicked his cries,
Then silently awaited more.
He shivered.
He felt!

He emerged from the water,
And wiped it all off,
His pain,
His sadness.

The sun spread warmth upon him,
And the trees stirred up laughter.
They must have known he finally caught his breath.

Sense of it All

I closed off for a while.
Said my peace.
Waved goodbye
To the fun girl who smiles
And nods,
And pretends she won't cry.

I didn't, you know
Break down,
Hit the wall.
I merely stopped
Shut the door
And made sense of it all.


This is a re-post from last year. I've got a few more to add, so I apologize if you've seen these before. I wanted to have them all in one place.

Smashed was the sculpture that symbolized togetherness.
Closed was the restaurant where we first met.

Boxed were the letters that once said, "I cherish you".
Love and laughter echoed in the ruins,
Until it was silenced by dust...

And time...time erased that feeling of no longer.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Must Be Your Sunshine

Bizzy finally had enough of the darkness behind her eyes and banished all negative thoughts to the space under her bed.
The monster cried out, "Your thoughts don't sit well with me!"
She paid no mind to that monster and pulled the drapery back to let the sunlight in.
The monster was furious and rumbled and roared until it exploded.
She opened the window to let the dread out of the room.
The negative thoughts slowly crept out from under the bed and gave her an encouraging smile.
The room was radiant,
And her eyes,
She turned her thoughts to the sunshine.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Come Back

You grabbed my hand and set the world back on its axis.
Out of nowhere you appeared
And erased years of mistakes made in the dark.
I sat patiently as you drew the heart and those three words on my back.
No more guessing.
It was real.
This is what I've missed most about love.

The rain woke me up and I tucked you away.
The best dreams always come back.

For R.P.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Comedian

This is an old piece that I recently came across.

When I'm high on depression
And bursting with rage
I've got this face of happy,
That makes love to the stage.

You like it,
But it's deceiving.
I fear it,
These thoughts I'm conceiving.

I'll play it out for you,
This maddening dance.
You'll clap and you'll laugh
At my circumstance.

I bow and step down
And become me again,
But all you'll ever really know
Is the comedian.

On another note, as some of you know, I was blogging at a different site last year. It just didn't feel like "me". I'm back to writing on this blog.

My Place of Belonging

This is the place...

Where my thoughts are at home.

It is this place.


Where my backyard is family.

I plant ideas and wait.

The hammock swings,

Secured by the roots

Of those sturdy old trees.

They are strong

Yet giving.

I rest.


In my place of belonging.

And I think.