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Friday, May 18, 2012


They crashed into each other one December evening
Now this might seem impossible given the impact they had,
But it was graceful and melodic as they landed in each other's soft spots.

They learned to love.
They learned there was a power in self reflection,
A power in sharing...
Hearts are best touched when exposed,
And much, much easier to tickle.

They crashed into each other again...just the other day.
Because love, as you know, gets tested
And even the most connected hurt each other sometimes.

A moment of carelessness and they were out of step
They landed with a thud, grasping for each other's soft spots,
They missed as the pain of falling overpowered them both.

Trust was put to the test.
They looked inward for solace,
Found their strength,
And then reached out for what they believed in.
Their hearts were once more exposed,
And what they saw in each other was beautiful.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Two Firsts

Her First First looks to her for guidance, protection,
Unconditional love, comfort.
Her Second First looks for the same but in the form of support,
Security, emotional intimacy, warmth.

Where does she find this energy to keep them balanced?

She'll let you in on a secret...

Rather than placing herself in the middle of the seesaw
She places them side by side on one end
And places herself on the opposite end...
That way she can give her attention to both at the same time,
Forming an extra-potent fuel from their smiles.