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Monday, May 7, 2012

Two Firsts

Her First First looks to her for guidance, protection,
Unconditional love, comfort.
Her Second First looks for the same but in the form of support,
Security, emotional intimacy, warmth.

Where does she find this energy to keep them balanced?

She'll let you in on a secret...

Rather than placing herself in the middle of the seesaw
She places them side by side on one end
And places herself on the opposite end...
That way she can give her attention to both at the same time,
Forming an extra-potent fuel from their smiles.


  1. This post is what I strive to do with how I place priorities on my child and my love. It's idealistic, I know.

  2. Sounds like a good strategy Stephanie.

    The younger kids compete for mom's attention here, but older boy seems more interested in me doing things with him. At least for now, until older boy learns that dad is goofy and not cool.

  3. I really like this mental image!!

  4. This poem describes a very pragmatic young lady. Most people experiencing their first first might not be so logical. Nice poem.

  5. This is a wonderful strategy! Brilliant imagery and lovely sentiment...as always :)

  6. That's EXCELLENT. I'm so proud of you. Can't remember if I told you my blog is public again and Lola and I are working on it together. She wrote today's What? Monday question, and I'm writing a book review for tomorrow.

    Janie Lola

  7. With both of them on one end, it's no wonder your feet haven't been on the ground in awhile. ;-D

    1. I didn't do the best job of it yesterday. :-(

  8. The key to it really is where you place the fulcrum. The teetering point, depending on which end you place it to, allows you to exert more or less effort in order to keep it balanced.

    Unless you've eaten a ton of Cadbury eggs, like me. At that point, it doesn't matter where you put the pivot point, I'd be launching children far into the night sky.

  9. Love is a difficult thing to balance when it must be split. You're a good mom and a good person, but everyone's human. You fix the situation and start again. :o)

  10. Dear Stephanie, . . . maintaining balance is seldom easy. But what's important, and I know you know this, is the trying. It's the commitment to stand up and dust ourselves off and say, "I'll try again because these people whom I love and this self who is growing are worth the trying." Peace.

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