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Monday, July 30, 2012

Back in Time - Bluebonnets 2012

It is a rite of passage in Texas to have your childhood photos taken in the bluebonnets every year. These lovely flowers only bloom once a year (around late March to mid April). You can see sprays of them along the highways and in empty fields. There is a small field in our favorite park (Peanut calls it the "Castle Park") where the bluebonnets bloom every year. If you photograph it just right you can block out the utility lines and houses that neighbor the property. I was mostly successful this year AND Peanut was in an especially "pose-y" mood for me. We didn't have her original Barkley with us that morning, but she brought along Barkley's sister, Fluffy, for the occasion. These pictures always make me smile, especially when it's Peanut's time with her dad and I'm missing her...and sometimes I catch myself looking at these photos and thinking, "I made that! She's my child!"

Next year I plan on dragging Rudolph to the bluebonnets for photos!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Back in Time - February

I miss the connection that comes with every day writing...I feel like I've left so much out over the past 8 months. I hope to get back to just writing about what's going on in my life in addition to the poetry. Don't get me wrong, I love giving you all glimpses of me via the poetry...but I don't think I'm really connecting.

So here are some photos from my trip in February to Florida for my niece and nephew's B'nai Mitzvah (they're twins). Rudolph actually met all of my family and we were only 2.5 months into dating. Brave man...and of course, they loved him. It was one of the best family trips I've ever had. My sister, mother of the twins, was the happiest I've ever seen her. Rudolph and I had some quiet time with my brother and his wife one night (Peanut slept at her cousins' house). E and J are definitely Rudolph's favorites. They're just so easy to be around.

I don't see my siblings often; we actually don't talk all that much on the phone, but the closeness we feel when together makes up for it.

I've since met Rudolph's family, but I'll save that for another post.

My brother and his wife...they will be married 20 years in November-
They've worked hard for this happiness!

Rudolph talking to Papa Sam at the brunch following
the B'Nai Mitzvah for my niece and nephew in February

 My dad and my niece and nephew -
I know, my dad looks good for 69...
and he rocks those glasses! 

 Peanut and my stepmom -sharing silly time in the backyard

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Family Portrayal

The portraits hung on the walls of her home...
A gallery of two families.

They were once fresh canvases,
Joyful with the hope and possibilities
That unity could bring them.

But their completion was nothing like the original sketch.

They weren't smiling,
How could they?...
The artist distorted their images
With every stroke of his ego.

He hung them on opposite sides of the room
And walked away.

Day after day they faced each other
Only able to see what he painted...
Impressions they left on each other were hideous.

They remained expressionless,
Confined by glass and their warped frames.

Slowly the walls began to crack
From the weight of their heavy silence,

She was the first to fall to the floor.
The frame and glass broke...
Pieces of her discolored exterior faded away
As they oxygen hit her canvas.

One by one they all fell,
Some taking longer than others.
They helped each other chip away at the layers of paint,
The interpretations of their lives for the first time speaking clearly.

They were never able to restore the family as "one",
But they learned to appreciate the masterpieces uncovered.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Victory of Love

A marriage of convenience creates spectators...
The concessions might be tempting,
But are often stale.

A marriage without respect creates rivalries...
Alliances are formed,
And members are carelessly traded.

A marriage without love creates sidelines...
One or both will find themselves benched,
Wishing they were in the game.

A marriage without tenderness creates injury...
It crushes hope and breaks confidence,
The damage is long lasting.


A marriage with deep connection creates a team...
Completely dedicated to a common goal,
The victory of love.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Inner Champion

Her struggles with courage leave her voice quite meek.

It's stronger than it was, but she tends to shy away from confrontation.

She'll likely concede if she believes the issue too trivial,

Especially if she's feeling particularly undeserving that day.

But some days she lets those necessary words loose,

And channels her "Inner Champion."