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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Family Portrayal

The portraits hung on the walls of her home...
A gallery of two families.

They were once fresh canvases,
Joyful with the hope and possibilities
That unity could bring them.

But their completion was nothing like the original sketch.

They weren't smiling,
How could they?...
The artist distorted their images
With every stroke of his ego.

He hung them on opposite sides of the room
And walked away.

Day after day they faced each other
Only able to see what he painted...
Impressions they left on each other were hideous.

They remained expressionless,
Confined by glass and their warped frames.

Slowly the walls began to crack
From the weight of their heavy silence,

She was the first to fall to the floor.
The frame and glass broke...
Pieces of her discolored exterior faded away
As they oxygen hit her canvas.

One by one they all fell,
Some taking longer than others.
They helped each other chip away at the layers of paint,
The interpretations of their lives for the first time speaking clearly.

They were never able to restore the family as "one",
But they learned to appreciate the masterpieces uncovered.


  1. An interesting spin on the idea of portraiture. I hope none of the portraits I've painted end up like this.

    1. I've been thinking a lot about how much things improved with my ex's parents AFTER we divorced. Of course, my daughter (their first grandchild) helped, but I can't help but wonder what my relationship would have been like with them had we not all been poisoned by how he portrayed each of us to the other. He was quite polarizing. Fortunately, we were able to put all of that aside for the good of my daughter.

  2. So good, Stephanola. I relate to it.


    1. Janieola, thank you. I'm not sure it's a good thing that you can relate to it, but glad you could connect with what I wrote.

  3. In some ways, it makes me think that Peanut is the true artist as beautiful things happen because of her wonderful life.

    1. Maggie, what a sweet thing to say! She does have a way with making life beautiful...and messy. :)

  4. I knew a distorter like that once. Karma wasn't good to him. Glad you're able to make some repairs for Peanut's sake.

    1. Joshua, making repairs was a win-win for all of us, but especially for The Nut!