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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Catch

He found his favorite spot,
A secluded wilderness where he could be alone and fish.

He was so angry he screamed at the fish and the birds and the sun.
He screamed to the higher power that let him down.
The rage engulfed him,
He ached.
He hurt!

The pain of the past year stuck to his body,
So he shed his clothes
And jumped into the ice cold water.
He cringed.
He cried.
Not because the water was cold,
But because he finally felt something other than grief.

The mountains mimicked his cries,
Then silently awaited more.
He shivered.
He felt!

He emerged from the water,
And wiped it all off,
His pain,
His sadness.

The sun spread warmth upon him,
And the trees stirred up laughter.
They must have known he finally caught his breath.

Sense of it All

I closed off for a while.
Said my peace.
Waved goodbye
To the fun girl who smiles
And nods,
And pretends she won't cry.

I didn't, you know
Break down,
Hit the wall.
I merely stopped
Shut the door
And made sense of it all.


This is a re-post from last year. I've got a few more to add, so I apologize if you've seen these before. I wanted to have them all in one place.

Smashed was the sculpture that symbolized togetherness.
Closed was the restaurant where we first met.

Boxed were the letters that once said, "I cherish you".
Love and laughter echoed in the ruins,
Until it was silenced by dust...

And time...time erased that feeling of no longer.