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I'm a Recovering Drama Queen. I got tired of the same old lines.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Visitor

You can't have me permanently.
Nobody can.
When I arrive you feel sunshine,
My warmth envelopes you.
You take my presence as proof...
If I'm there, your feelings must be real!
You think you could never have too much of me,
But I always sense when I've overstayed my welcome.
I leave, allowing you quieter moments.
You reflect calmly as you search for meaning. 
Occasionally these moments bring tears.
I  hope that I will not be away for long.
I do worry you won't remember me.
But, when I round the corner
You always recognize me.
How could you not?
I am your smile!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Lovely Trail

She would walk each day,
One foot in front of the other...
Every day,

There was no way to get around her fears,
She chose to plow through them.

She ran past her enemies,
But reached back her hand when needed.

She skipped often,
Always with a song in her heart.

She carried light at all times,
To shine the way for the little ones.

She danced with her family,
Waded through sorrow,
Paved new memories,
And marched for her beliefs.

She took her final step at the finish line.
That's when she soared....

...Leaving a lovely trail behind.