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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Comedian

This is an old piece that I recently came across.

When I'm high on depression
And bursting with rage
I've got this face of happy,
That makes love to the stage.

You like it,
But it's deceiving.
I fear it,
These thoughts I'm conceiving.

I'll play it out for you,
This maddening dance.
You'll clap and you'll laugh
At my circumstance.

I bow and step down
And become me again,
But all you'll ever really know
Is the comedian.

On another note, as some of you know, I was blogging at a different site last year. It just didn't feel like "me". I'm back to writing on this blog.

My Place of Belonging

This is the place...

Where my thoughts are at home.

It is this place.


Where my backyard is family.

I plant ideas and wait.

The hammock swings,

Secured by the roots

Of those sturdy old trees.

They are strong

Yet giving.

I rest.


In my place of belonging.

And I think.