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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

First Position at Age 39?

I haven't taken a ballet class since I was 8 (31 years ago)...Peanut's ballet studio started offering a beginning ballet class for the moms to take while their little ones are in their class...was a bit hesitant at first, but I really enjoyed it. I like the bar work the best because it feels like I'm getting a workout and it is actually quite relaxing (good music too). Did NOT like learning a ballet routine...felt kind of juvenile. Thank goodness we don't have to be in the recital! And thank goodness we don't do the "dolly dance" at the end of each class like the little kids do. Though I wouldn't mind getting a skittle candy...THERE WILL BE NO PICTURES POSTED OF ME IN BALLET CLASS! :)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

"Please take a picture of the royal princess"

This is a first! Peanut actually asked me to take pictures of her sitting on her throne. Took these Tuesday morning before she went off to school...hmmmm...think she might have been trying to delay leaving the house!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Little Mermaid's Real Name is Michelle?

If they're gonna change the characters' names
we might as well invite Nemo to the party
Ariel & Flounder aka "Michelle" and "Phil"

Sebastian aka "Crabby"?

Took Peanut to see a puppet show on Labor Day. It was the last showing of The Little Mermaid at this one playhouse. Was pretty excited to introduce her to puppets, but was a bit disappointed with the show. The puppeteers were really good at their craft, but I guess due to copyright reasons they were not allowed to use the Disney character names...so, she sat there for the first few minutes wondering why they were calling Ariel "Michelle" and Flounder "Phil" (as in "Fillet")...turned out to be quite a corny show and they used music from the movie Titanic...this is just wrong on so many levels! And it wasn't cheap, either. All in all she enjoyed the show, so that's what really counts....wonder if she's going to ask me to find a Michelle costume for Halloween now instead of an Ariel costume....hmmmm? She did get to watch the show with one of her good friends, which is always a treat!

Ballet, Hooray!

Peanut started her ballet classes back up on Saturday. Only 3 kids showed up to the 8:45am class since it was a holiday weekend. Her instructor wanted to see how she'd do at the 9:30am class (with the 5 year olds), so she let us stay for the second session. She did pretty well and I think this will be a better class for her because older kids always seem to motivate her. Photos did not come out as well as I'd like, but just don't know how to adjust my camera for the lighting in the room. Thanks to the digital camera lag, I caught her with some strange faces...she did have fun, really! The littlest girl was not participating at all. First timer. Didn't get any shots of the 9:30 class...wanted her to not have to think about mom snapping pictures! This was one of the rare occassions where parents get to watch, so I just had to capture the moment. Right?