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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Baskin Robbins, Bring Back My Daiquiri Ice!

Baskin Robbins had a flavor called daiquiri ice. I'd been enjoying it since at least the 1970's (fond memories of trips to the Kendall Mall with my best friend, Tricia to get it). Recently at a local BR I discovered that they replaced it with this toxic green looking Lime daiquiri ice! What were they thinking?! Normally I'd "write a letter", but this time.... I called them. The took my name, my number and I promise I was very nice when I told them at least 3 times to "Bring it back!"
This was a perfect flavor, light, refreshing and belongs on a sugar cone. I like it almost, if not as much as Carvel Ice Cream Cakes.
When I googled daiquiri ice this morning there were tons of posts, etc about this topic...I am not alone apparently!
Last month when I was in Seattle we did find a BR that still had the original, but I have a feeling that was the last of it...darn, should have ordered a double scoop! :)
Anyhoo.....if you feel the same about this flavor you can call them at 1-800-859-5339.
Next thing you know there will be no more Cadbury Eggs! Oh the horror......

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Removed the Restriction

I took the restriction for viewing my blog off as not enough of the people who view it have gmail. Happy Viewing! Been in a blogging mood lately, so I may go back and post some pics, etc from trips, parties, etc that were in May, June and July.
Blog You Later!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The New Windex

We've discovered something almost as good as Windex for curing what ails you in our house...Vaseline...Nana Rose was in town a few weeks ago and was trying to give Peanut a bath. She had so many mosquito bites that it hurt to get in the water...even cool water. Nana put Vaseline on the bites and instantly everything felt better. Problem solved. Now every time Peanut has a "boo boo" she asks for "the stuff that Nana uses that makes everything better". Last night she was said she had a boo boo on her foot...I couldn't find anything wrong with it...but the magic stuff cleared it right up. Thank you, Nana Rose!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Blog Settings

If you are viewing this then it means you were added to the "approved" list for viewing my blog. Didn't realize that you have to have a gmail account to view the blog (they'll let you do this for 30 days as a "guest"). May need to re-think having this restriction. Frustrating because I get comments from random people who weren't invited to view my blog.
Comments? :)
Also, last few weeks have been a bit emotional...lighter posts with more pictures do exist...
Lastly, is it Cadbury Egg Season yet?

First Day of Pre-K

Peanut officially started pre-k at her daycare today. Had to take a picture, of course!

Peanut can now do commercials

DVR'd a show for Peanut to watch and turned it on for her this morning while she had breakfast. I was getting ready for work and came in to check on her and she said "Mom, did you know that you don't need to water your plants every day. You can put a water globe in the soil (seriously, she said all this) and you don't have to water any more. You're going to need 4 of them (what they advertise) and you can do it using only one hand"...she was talking about those devices you can put in your plants that automatically release water when your plant needs it...was actually thinking of getting one (news station said they were a "Deal" -not a dud)...but now I don't want her to think we'll buy everything we see on tv. Normally I forward thru commercials so she just doesn't see them...interestingly enough, she has seen other commercials for toys, but never gave me the run down on them before. She could have done this commercial herself.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Her whole name!

My daughter can spell her entire name....including all 12 letters of her last name! Whoo hoo! Had to boast a little...which is why this post is in BOLD.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Off Duty Mom

It is interesting how my ankle felt pretty good Sunday (for the circus), Monday and Tuesday (nights I have Peanut)...but when I came home yesterday and could actually put my foot up to give myself a rest...it started to hurt...like mother nature saying "You can take a break now and feel the pain of your sprained ankle b/c this is not your night to be a mom"...so yesterday I thought by today I'd be in regular shoes (flats, of course) instead of wearing this ankle brace...today I'm back to the brace...and taking care of my ankle. While I realize I am a mom 100% of the time...when I'm "Off Duty" it is time to recharge and refresh...and feel what I feel. So I guess when you have a family that is "in-tact" your spouse can give you those down times (and vice versa)...and when your family is divorced you learn how to give yourself the time...and that it's okay to need it...a bit lonely this way...

Damages- Big Screen Magic in a One-hour Show

If you are able to rent the first season of the show Damages (I know it's now out on DVD, so probably also at the rental stores)...omg...you have to watch this show. It aired last summer but I missed it. Then, when I saw that it was nominated for 6 Emmy's I thought I'd check it out. They had an all day marathon a week or so ago (love my DVR) and I've been watching a couple episodes a night. Well, last night I watched the five remaining episodes and sat on the edge of my seat (couch...foot propped up, of course).

One of those shows best seen from start to finish b/c a bit complicated to follow if you have to wait for the episodes each week...normally can't stand Glenn Close, but was totally sucked into her character...Can't say enough about this show. "Big Screen" magic in a one hour show...found myself totally brain waisted (mind f'd) about 2 episodes from the season finale...thank goodness the final episode did not leave me hanging....just left me wanting more...and I have to wait until January 2009, I think. bummer

Monday, August 11, 2008

Circus Peanut

Waiting for the show to begin
"I have not idea what to think of this show"

She looks so happy!

I seriously think the cotton candy was her favorite part

Tiger Act


When the confetti came out she tried to collect it all to take home!

Where's Dumbo?!
This was the only act that scared her. It was right in front of us and very loud

I honestly don't know who was more excited about going to the circus yesterday, me or Peanut! I couldn't wait to give her that experience. Ankle was feeling much better and I could get by with just the brace instead of the crutches. Got us out the door in time and getting into the place was a breeze. Dressed Peanut in an Esmeralda the gypsy jumpsuit that I just got off of ebay (love, love, love ebay)...kind of like pajamas, but really sweet. Put an orange headband on her and she picked out some necklaces...cute!
Thank goodness I got the Platinum Parking pass...made it so much easier. First stop- bathroom! I was so glad when I saw that the toilets did not have the automatic flushers...Peanut will not use those and is quite afraid of them (a problem lately). So far so good!
We stopped at one of the booths selling toys and she picked out the zebras (one big one with a baby attached)...she's very much into zebras these days after watching the movie "Racing Stripes". Got our cotton candy, popcorn and drink...had Barkley (of course) and a blanket (her idea to bring the blanket)...ok, time to walk down the steps to our FRONT ROW SEATS! ...not as easy as I thought with my ankle...a security guard was nice enough to carry the "stuff" while we walked downstairs...just needed one hand free to make it down there.
The show started moments later and my sweet Peanut was in awe. Took her about 5-10 minutes of sitting quietly and not knowing how to react until she finally started having fun. It was a great show and our seats were outstanding. I think I enjoyed watching Peanut enjoying the show more than anything...one of those surprising treats that parents get to experience (purely enjoying something just b/c your child does). She kept asking me if we could stay all day...and I wanted to be able to say yes!

The pizza shuffle

So apparently 6 1/2 years in my townhome still isn't enough time to have the floor plan memorized...had slices of pizza on paper plate in right hand, rounded the corner from the kitchen to the dining room...was heading to the living room...and completely missed the step down into the living room...crashed down on my left ankle and the pizza gracefully went flying! I give myself a 10 for creativity...this was Friday night. My sweet Peanut went and got the phone and I called Robert to see if he could come and get her...then called my neighbors to see if they could take me to urgent care. I was eventually able to get up and make my way to the bathroom and managed to put shorts on (was wearing jammies already)...Peanut picked up the pizza (sweet thing). Joy and David were over within a matter of minutes. Thank goodness they have a key. They sat Peanut down with some fresh slices of pizza. Robert arrived moments later. Shocked that it only took him 10 minutes b/c he never moves that quickly (seriously..."NEVER")...Peanut did not want to leave for the night but I promised she would be back the next day (It was my scheduled weekend)...Grrrr...went to Care Now to have the ankle looked at. That place is so much nicer than the emergency room! Sure enough I had a sprain, but still had pretty good mobility. By Saturday I no longer needed the crutches that my neighbors leant me. Peanut returned around 1pm. She put on her Dr Costume and prescribed Humtymtopsin for my fever...told her I needed "Walkingtopsin" for my foot, but she just didn't get that. Robert's mom brought us dinner that night. I was getting around pretty well and swelling was almost all the way down...medication helped too...for a change it didn't make me sick or loopy.
At least it was my left ankle and I can still drive!
Peanut told me yesterday that I should always watch where I'm walking...thanks!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Funny name

I did a property inspection for work this morning out in Ft Worth. It was a multifamily property and we had to walk a certain amount of occupied and vacant units. The maintenance manager who accompanied us had an unusual name for a guy....Star!
So if he's a superintendent...then I guess we can call him Super Star?! :)....I did refrain from pointing that out...never know how people will take my sense of humor...and he's probably heard that a million times. hee hee...made for a good giggle to myself as we're walking for an hour and a half in 90+ degree weather. Yipes-a-rooney!

The Circus is in Town!

Peanut asked me to take her to the circus a couple of weeks ago. She must have heard something from her classmates...sure enough, the circus is in town. I went on-line yesterday and purchased two tickets for this weekend. Should be fun and I plan on surprising her (well, holding off telling her until I just can't hold off any longer...so I'll probably tell her tonight)...never very good at keeping secrets when it comes to surprises! Don't even ask me how much these seats cost (I actually got some really good ones for last minute)...sometimes you just have to go all out for a "first". I can still remember the last time I went to the circus. Was with my dad, stepmom and brother and sister. Must have been 30 years ago! Will take pictures to post early next week.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Silly Hair Day

Peanut had a week of the sillies at school last week. Here are some photos from Silly Hair Day. I spray painted her hair, but didn't use enough. Her teacher put on some bows and that really did the trick. I love the one of her and her friend. Thanks, Cecilie for the picture! (really I swiped it off of her blog) :)

Monday, August 4, 2008

Percy's New Closet

Percy ("I hereby claim this spot to be mine")

Lila and Tesha trying out the throne

Braun's secret passion for glitz and glamour

View from the inside looking out
Other Royal Subjects (Braun, Percy & Lila)

Peanut, Royal Barkley & a clock that shows I was up way too late!

Percy is "out"

Notice my feet in the mirror

It appears that Percy has a fondness for Peanut's throne in her Princess Play Closet. When he's not eating you can find him under the seat of the throne. If his fur gets any longer he won't be able to fit there. Wish I could get a crown on him for a picture. Peanut is now calling him "Percy Love" which is what I call him every now and then. So Percy Love has some Royal Persian blood in him and is now entitled to rest his royal head on the leg of the throne.
I added some new things to the closet this weekend. I took photos of Peanut's favorite stuffed "babies" looking very royal and put them in homemade picture frames. They are now on the walls. I am almost done with this room...just need to add more tulle to soften the look up a bit (and hide flaws in the cracks in the walls) and work on the back area of the closet. Thinking of putting an old window pane on the short back wall and placing a picture of a palace or pasture behind it...to give a look of having a window...just wish I could figure out how to make it look like sunshine is coming through.

I am looking into starting a business of making these closets for other "princesses"...might be a nice thing to do on the weekends that I don't have Peanut...so a new web page will be coming soon.

That So Used to Be Me!

Took Peanut to the Waffle House Sunday morning for breakfast. We were sitting in a booth next to these three women who obviously worked together. They spent their entire delicious breakfast complaining (with a capital B) about co-workers...who was pulling their weight, who wasn't...and all the suffering they had to endure on the job because of it...it took me back to my last job (and the job before that, and the job before that). I wanted to turn around and say "Do you think the person you are talking about is wasting their weekends talking about you?" and "Find some joy in life outside of your job and your job/hate/anger won't consume you like it is now". I can remember having dinner/lunch/countless phone calls with friends over these same topics. Nothing was ever accomplished other than someone else agreeing that "somebody had done me wrong"! I think it must be a combination of finding a job where the typical office b/s just doesn't exist and growing the hell up! If your boss or co-worker is an A-hole...don't give them the upper hand by revolving your life around how much you've been wronged...it makes your face wrinkle up in ugly ways and wastes your life...and complaining about it rarely makes you feel better.
Now, if I could just start applying this a little more to my personal life...I'm getting there

Be Here Now

"...Don't look for love in faces, places
it's in you that's where you'll find kindness..."

Favorite quote from the song "Be Here Now" by Ray LaMontagne. Heard the song while watching the movie "28 Dresses" and just loved it.

Can someone please give me an English lesson? I can never remember if title should be in quotes or italics (and underlined?).

Less than 4 months away from 40 and I'm losing it! :)