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Monday, August 11, 2008

Circus Peanut

Waiting for the show to begin
"I have not idea what to think of this show"

She looks so happy!

I seriously think the cotton candy was her favorite part

Tiger Act


When the confetti came out she tried to collect it all to take home!

Where's Dumbo?!
This was the only act that scared her. It was right in front of us and very loud

I honestly don't know who was more excited about going to the circus yesterday, me or Peanut! I couldn't wait to give her that experience. Ankle was feeling much better and I could get by with just the brace instead of the crutches. Got us out the door in time and getting into the place was a breeze. Dressed Peanut in an Esmeralda the gypsy jumpsuit that I just got off of ebay (love, love, love ebay)...kind of like pajamas, but really sweet. Put an orange headband on her and she picked out some necklaces...cute!
Thank goodness I got the Platinum Parking pass...made it so much easier. First stop- bathroom! I was so glad when I saw that the toilets did not have the automatic flushers...Peanut will not use those and is quite afraid of them (a problem lately). So far so good!
We stopped at one of the booths selling toys and she picked out the zebras (one big one with a baby attached)...she's very much into zebras these days after watching the movie "Racing Stripes". Got our cotton candy, popcorn and drink...had Barkley (of course) and a blanket (her idea to bring the blanket)...ok, time to walk down the steps to our FRONT ROW SEATS! ...not as easy as I thought with my ankle...a security guard was nice enough to carry the "stuff" while we walked downstairs...just needed one hand free to make it down there.
The show started moments later and my sweet Peanut was in awe. Took her about 5-10 minutes of sitting quietly and not knowing how to react until she finally started having fun. It was a great show and our seats were outstanding. I think I enjoyed watching Peanut enjoying the show more than anything...one of those surprising treats that parents get to experience (purely enjoying something just b/c your child does). She kept asking me if we could stay all day...and I wanted to be able to say yes!

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