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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Damages- Big Screen Magic in a One-hour Show

If you are able to rent the first season of the show Damages (I know it's now out on DVD, so probably also at the rental stores)...omg...you have to watch this show. It aired last summer but I missed it. Then, when I saw that it was nominated for 6 Emmy's I thought I'd check it out. They had an all day marathon a week or so ago (love my DVR) and I've been watching a couple episodes a night. Well, last night I watched the five remaining episodes and sat on the edge of my seat (couch...foot propped up, of course).

One of those shows best seen from start to finish b/c a bit complicated to follow if you have to wait for the episodes each week...normally can't stand Glenn Close, but was totally sucked into her character...Can't say enough about this show. "Big Screen" magic in a one hour show...found myself totally brain waisted (mind f'd) about 2 episodes from the season finale...thank goodness the final episode did not leave me hanging....just left me wanting more...and I have to wait until January 2009, I think. bummer

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