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Monday, August 11, 2008

The pizza shuffle

So apparently 6 1/2 years in my townhome still isn't enough time to have the floor plan memorized...had slices of pizza on paper plate in right hand, rounded the corner from the kitchen to the dining room...was heading to the living room...and completely missed the step down into the living room...crashed down on my left ankle and the pizza gracefully went flying! I give myself a 10 for creativity...this was Friday night. My sweet Peanut went and got the phone and I called Robert to see if he could come and get her...then called my neighbors to see if they could take me to urgent care. I was eventually able to get up and make my way to the bathroom and managed to put shorts on (was wearing jammies already)...Peanut picked up the pizza (sweet thing). Joy and David were over within a matter of minutes. Thank goodness they have a key. They sat Peanut down with some fresh slices of pizza. Robert arrived moments later. Shocked that it only took him 10 minutes b/c he never moves that quickly (seriously..."NEVER")...Peanut did not want to leave for the night but I promised she would be back the next day (It was my scheduled weekend)...Grrrr...went to Care Now to have the ankle looked at. That place is so much nicer than the emergency room! Sure enough I had a sprain, but still had pretty good mobility. By Saturday I no longer needed the crutches that my neighbors leant me. Peanut returned around 1pm. She put on her Dr Costume and prescribed Humtymtopsin for my fever...told her I needed "Walkingtopsin" for my foot, but she just didn't get that. Robert's mom brought us dinner that night. I was getting around pretty well and swelling was almost all the way down...medication helped too...for a change it didn't make me sick or loopy.
At least it was my left ankle and I can still drive!
Peanut told me yesterday that I should always watch where I'm walking...thanks!

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