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Monday, August 4, 2008

Percy's New Closet

Percy ("I hereby claim this spot to be mine")

Lila and Tesha trying out the throne

Braun's secret passion for glitz and glamour

View from the inside looking out
Other Royal Subjects (Braun, Percy & Lila)

Peanut, Royal Barkley & a clock that shows I was up way too late!

Percy is "out"

Notice my feet in the mirror

It appears that Percy has a fondness for Peanut's throne in her Princess Play Closet. When he's not eating you can find him under the seat of the throne. If his fur gets any longer he won't be able to fit there. Wish I could get a crown on him for a picture. Peanut is now calling him "Percy Love" which is what I call him every now and then. So Percy Love has some Royal Persian blood in him and is now entitled to rest his royal head on the leg of the throne.
I added some new things to the closet this weekend. I took photos of Peanut's favorite stuffed "babies" looking very royal and put them in homemade picture frames. They are now on the walls. I am almost done with this room...just need to add more tulle to soften the look up a bit (and hide flaws in the cracks in the walls) and work on the back area of the closet. Thinking of putting an old window pane on the short back wall and placing a picture of a palace or pasture behind it...to give a look of having a window...just wish I could figure out how to make it look like sunshine is coming through.

I am looking into starting a business of making these closets for other "princesses"...might be a nice thing to do on the weekends that I don't have Peanut...so a new web page will be coming soon.

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