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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Dinner Party

She hosted a rather odd dinner party.
It was a party of "ic's" and "ist's".

The Procrastonist RSVP'd at the last minute,
And showed up late.

The Optimist just knew they'd get a coveted invitation,
And looked forward to the event.

The Pessimist assumed it would be a disastrous party,
But showed up with a bowl of sour grapes.

The Hopeless Romantic got lost on the way,
She couldn't see through her rose-tinted glasses.

The Elitist didn't bother to show,
Even though they had nothing to do that night.

The Critic was so consumed by making mental notes,
He forgot it was a party... occupational hazard.

The Antagonist brought a suspicious potion,
And stirred up trouble.

The Fatalist knew that trouble was inevitable,
And showed up waiting for it to all play out.

The Narcissist made it known to everyone
That he was the life of the party.

The Fanatic bought into what the Narcissist was selling,
And fawned all over him.

The Agoraphobic politely declined,
She was afraid to leave her home.

The hostess knew there'd be a 50/50 chance the party would be a success.
After all, she had to be Realistic...

Well.....you get the Gist.