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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Recital

Peanut had her ballet recital last weekend. I got some great candids from her, but the quality of my photos still needs some work. She did a wonderful job and we enjoyed some ice-cream with Mimi and Paw Paw after her performance. Barkley wore his best tuxedo! Apparently it was more like a bad dress rehearsal for me and my camera. I can't wait to get more tips from Papa Norman next week when we head to Florida.

I'd Have To Say...Gardenias

Phillip (one of my bosses) came by my desk today and was handing out gardenias from his yard (I think his wife is an avid gardener). I'm soaking in the smell right now. We had a gardenia bush in Miami and used to pick them for our teachers in the morning. I've talked about that house in Miami before. That house is always in my dreams and it was a really good time in my life...always felt like I was "home" when I lived there, and that sense of "home" has eluded me since. If I were asked what scent reminds me most of living there, I'd have to say gardenias...gardenias give me a momentary scents of home...or is that sense?

Friday, May 14, 2010

"My Boobies, My Legs and My Tushy Buns"

When Peanut was about two she started asking to "go downstairs with her boobies"...this was always after I gave her a bath and was about to put her pajamas on and take her downstairs. She didn't want her top on. Of course I obliged because kids need bare bare time. Then one evening she said, "I want to go downstairs with my boobies, my legs and my tushy buns". This, of course meant she wanted to be naked. This is one of my favorite stories to tell her because it was always such a fun time (once I actually got her out of the bath and dried off)...and it brings out the giggles.
I've had horrendous night sweats recently. The kind where I wake up at 3am soaked and freezing. I end up changing my clothes and sometimes changing the sheets. Even my legs sweat!  I'm going to my OB-GYN for a tune up in the next week. I am not sure if this sweating is due to the anti-depressant I take or pre-menopause (Oh the horror!!!!). My hormones just feel out of whack.
I am trying different things at night while I wait for my appointment. Last night I went to bed (alone) with my boobies, my feet and my legs...no night sweats! That's rare, and I woke up smiling for a change. Peanut was definitely on to something way back when.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Si, Se Puede!

Yes, it is possible
Yes we can
Yes, it can be done
Si, Se Puede!
Participated in the Mega March 2010 in downtown Dallas this weekend. Wasn't my "weekend" with Peanut, but Robert D let her come along. Tricia from my office also joined us (originally it was just going to be Tricia and me).
I have a lot of thoughts and feelings about the new law just passed in Arizona. Will probably take me a while to put it to words, but basically, that new law just scares me and I think it's a giant step backward for our country.
At any rate, the march was a very powerful experience. We arrived fairly early. The rush of stepping into the crowd to wait for the march to begin was very emotional and my eyes welled up with tears. We made many friends while waiting to start the march. One family in particular (dad, mom and three kids). The dad and the eldest child were getting the crowd going with cheers. They offered us an umbrella to stay cool and were so nice to talk to. While we were walking, there was a woman next to us who turned to Tricia and me to thank us for being there. Blew me away because I don't look at it as something I should be thanked for. I want my child to grow up knowing that sometimes the laws aren't fair and that she has the power to do something about it (even if it's by marching to make a statement).
Si, se puede! We all can do it.