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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I Know

"Good morning," Isaac said as he wrapped his arms around her.
Sam giggled when he kissed her on the neck and scooted herself closer to his body.
They found each other's feet and nestled in like spoons.
"Who fell asleep first last night?" she asked.
"I think you did. You snored a little last night," he said in a playful way.
Sam turned her head so she could see his face and said, "I know."
He pulled the blanket over her bare shoulder.
"How do you know you snored if you were asleep?" he asked.
"Because you just told me," she said with a smirk.

"So," she said, "I've been thinking about this whole 'I love you, I love you more' argument we had last night."
"And what have you decided?" Isaac asked.
"It's okay if you want to love me more," she said.
"Well, then, it's settled," he said.
"Yep," she said, nodding in agreement.
"I do, you know. I do love you more," he said.
"I know, I knew that even before you said it just now," she said as she rolled over to face him.
"And how exactly did you know?" he asked.
"Because you told me last night when I was snoring."
"You just set me up," said Isaac.
Sam rolled back over, pulled his arm back around her,
and said, "I know."

Friday, September 7, 2012

That Bow

"I suck at wrapping," she said as she handed him his gift.
Sam looked at Isaac nervously while he started to unwrap the lumpy box.
"I can never get the creases right and I'm all thumbs when it comes to tape."
Isaac recognized her nervous chatter and reached out with smiling, blue eyes. She loved that he knew when to do that.
"Seriously, it's bad wrapping. Can you believe I spent half an hour doing this?"
He inspected the box with amusement, she knew he was joking.
"I mean, who spends half an hour wrapping a gift!"
Isaac set the box down, touched his right hand against Sam's left cheek, and said, "I don't need fancy packaging to tell me that I'm going to love what's inside."
"Damn!" she said, "I wasted $2.99 on that bow."

Speak Kindly

My insecurities can blind me.
This self- loathing, with my permission, defines me.
When my fears take over, it confines me.
Sometimes I need help,
Remind me.
To myself, I need to speak kindly.

Note: I came across this post from a couple of months ago. It was a bit over-dramatic so I moved it to "drafts". I don't feel this way at the moment, I just needed the reminder.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


"I figured it all out," she said with a laugh.
"Here you go."
Sam handed the sheet of paper to Isaac from across the table.

Isaac reached for his reading glasses,
Glanced at the paper,
Turned it over,
Flipped it back to the other side,
And said, "It's blank. You got me, what is it?"

Sam snatched it back,
Eyed the paper while mumbling to herself,
Looked at Isaac,
And folded it neatly before putting it in her pocket.

"Well?" he said.

"Well what?" she asked, reaching for the last french fry on his plate.

"What did you figure out?" Isaac said, pulling the plate from her reach.

"I figured out that you get the same look on your face when you're trying to read my mind," she said.

"I'm confused," he said.

Sam reached over,
Patted his hand gently,
Swiped the fry from his plate,
And said, "Exactly."