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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Very Full Heart

I watched this movie last night that I had DVR'd (greatest invention since Cadbury Eggs). It was called "Have a Little Faith" by Mitch Albom.

Cheesy? Yes. Over the top emotionally? Yes. Predictable? Yes. Gave me a good, healthy cry? Yes.

The critics overwhelmingly disliked this movie.

I loved it. It felt good. We need more of these types of stories and movies. I wanted to be taken on this cheesy, emotional movie ride. I was okay with pretending I didn't know what was going to happen because I knew it'd take me to a place of gratitude. The movie/story comes from goodness. Those cheesy messages it delivered were all true.

I absolutely loved this part of the movie and have decided to share it in its entirety. The rabbi is telling the story called "He Sleeps in a Storm"

Here it is:

"A man seeks employment on a farm. He hands his letter of recommendation to his new employer. It reads simply, 'He sleeps in a storm.'

"The owner is desperate for help, so he hires the man.

"Several weeks pass, and suddenly, in the middle of the night, a powerful storm rips through the valley.

"Awakened by the swirling rain and howling wind, the owner leaps out of bed. He calls for his new hired hand, but the man is sleeping soundly.

"So he dashes off to the barn. He sees, to his amazement, that the animals are secure with plenty of feed.

"He runs out to the field. He sees the bales of wheat have been bound and are wrapped in tarpaulins.

"He races to the silo. The doors are latched, and the grain is dry.

"And then he understands. 'He sleeps in a storm."

"My friends, if we tend to the things that are important in life, if we are right with those we love and behave in line with our faith, our lives will not be cursed with the aching throb of unfulfilled business. Our words will always be sincere, our embraces will be tight. We will never wallow in the agony of 'I could have, I should have.' We can sleep in a storm.

"And when it's time, our good-byes will be complete."

-- "Have a Little Faith" by Mitch Albom, page 93, From a Sermon by the Reb (Rabbi Albert Lewis), 1975
This movie was on the Hallmark Channel. If you have a chance, try and find the re-broadcast. It's worth it.
I went to bed with tears in my eyes last night and a very full heart.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


The Peanut is wound up. Nana Rose arrived today from Albuquerque. Mom and I are ready to crash, but The Nut is like a Timex watch. Wish I could say the same for myself.

I'll have a little more time to write tomorrow. It's going to be a nice Thanksgiving. I look forward to sharing.

I will leave you with this lovely note that Peanut gave to me this evening. I'm still scratching my head on this one and wondering where she came from.

It says,

"I love you like old men love chicken"

Monday, November 21, 2011

What You See - A Crappy Poem From a Mentally Blocked Blogger

I can't find the next verse,
I guess it could be worse.

I can't find my style,
Really, it's been a while.

I can't find the key,
Though it lies deep inside me.

I can't find my vision,
Decisions, decisions, decisions!

I can't find my prose,
It's gone I suppose.

But I have found me
What you get is what you see

Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Celebration of "The Golden Sky" and a Tribute to Your Inner Child

When your child cries, you comfort her and wipe her tears away.

When your child screams in terror, you pull her close and make her feel safe.

When your child succeeds you feel proud.

When your child fails you offer support.

When your child speaks up for herself, you applaud her bravery.

When your child can't find her voice, you guide her.

When your child is giving, you receive it well.

When your child is selfish, you model good character for her.

When your child is lonely, you show her how to connect.

When your child grows up, you hope she'll nurture her child the same way.

This is your gift to her.

And along the way you may discover this is the same gift you can give to your inner child.

EC Writes

Today I am participating in “The Golden Sky” Blog Fest. Elisa from The Crazy Life of a Writing Mom will be publishing her book, “The Golden Sky” tomorrow, November 18th. I am so excited about getting this book. If you’ve read Elisa’s blog then you know what a genuine, caring, beautiful, unique person she is. I imagine her book will be just as compelling as the stories she shares on a day to day basis with us all. Sharing her journey of losing her precious baby Zeke was not easy, but true to form, she did it in hopes that others who have suffered similar losses would find healing in her words.

Elisa, congratulations! This is your time to shine!

To participate in the blog fest she requested we write a story as a tribute to someone we’ve lost. I must admit, I’m having a hard time with this post. I have been fortunate enough in my life not to have unexpectedly lost a loved one. I had time to let these people know I cherished them, I had time for goodbyes (a rare gift). The losses were sad, but not tragic. Most of my losses were of my grandparents and I still carry the memories of the times I had with them…they’re a part of me. I came from them.

Over the past few years I've reconnected with my "inner child". Much of her life was spent feeling lost, and that was no way to live. I grieved her loss. I had to learn to love her with the same love that I give my own child. Along the way I think I may have just become a better person for it.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Not Happening

I must have started this post a dozen times this morning.

I examined possibilities

Tried to find new angles

Found myself on the edge of something really good

I cheered myself on

Nope, that idea won't work

Got distracted...

Meh, it's just not happening..........

Friday, November 11, 2011

A Bouncy Birthday

Since many of you do not post on the weekends I thought I'd give an early HAPPY BIRTHDAY shout out to BARB AT THIS AND THAT AS I BOUNCE THRU LIFE

Her birthday is Sunday, November 13th.

Happy Birthday, Special Lady! You bring joy to so many of us.

Now bounce on over there and wish her a happy birthday.


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Perfect Unison

She grew weary of the way it mimicked her.

It constantly pointed out her flaws.

It distorted her truths in a way that made them unrecognizable.

She loathed how it would just sit by quietly without saying anything even though it knew rage brewed within her.

It remained expressionless through these rants, denying her the very comfort she was screaming for.

"Surely I can find better company than you!" she spat.

She threw it down and it smashed to pieces.

Overwhelmed by her actions,

She slumped down next to it.

Each broken piece sobbed in agony.

At first she laughed, thinking she had won

Until she recognized its cries as her own.

Bits and fragments of bottled-up tears.

She sat there and cried in perfect unison with her mirror.


Monday, November 7, 2011

Dear Mom - A Random Notecard From "The Nut"

"Dear Mom,

I think I deserve extra desert because I have good behaveyer.

1. I lissen when you tell me to turn off the tv.
She turned off the tv because I told her she wouldn't get dessert if she didn't.

2. I gave you lots of hugs and kisses.
More slobbery kisses than I suspect Padded Cell Princess' in-law's St Bernard, Beaufort could give...and her hugs almost knocked me off of my chair. I had to de-slime my face...but secretly I liked it.

3. __________________________________________ "
I have no clue what she was going to write here. She didn't have time to finish it because I was ordering for the 3rd time to go upstairs and change into jammies.

Are You Crazy?!!!!

I had a relaxing yet productive weekend. It was a weekend filled with surprisingly fewer naps than planned and I even woke up early Saturday and Sunday (I love when the time changes!). I didn't have Peanut and went from Thursday night to Sunday night without talking to her even once (she was on a camping trip with her dad). That part was tough, and I was so happy to hear that sweet little voice last night. 

But at least it gave me time to work on a very important mission:

Purging junk from my household.

Not the sugary kind of junk.

Are you crazy?!!!!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Check Ups

My writing started as a way to work through some sad and confusing times in my life, a way to alleviate the weight of that pain...even if it were for only a moment. There were times when it was a desperate attempt to explain myself..."I'm not crazy! This is why I hurt!" . More time than not the hidden agenda was to connect, any way I could, to a part of my life that I missed/lost.

It got me through, a bandage for my boo-boo's. I'd wear those bandages until they fell off.

And I didn't heal.

Upon a lengthy self examination I determined I was merely covering my truths instead of embracing them....so I opened up those wounds and tended to them, like a mother tends to a scraped knee...gently, lovingly. I gave myself permission to repeat this process as often as necessary.

That's when the healing began.

Eventually those wounds healed...the scars were magnificent proof of that!

I continue to look at those scars often, more times than not I've been able to find some healthy good that I missed where the old,malignant growth once was.

Now I write as a preventative measure...check-ups, if you will.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Just For Her

She walked a thin line
Her soul gripped the wire for security
Yet her arms floated freely, open with grace.
There was no net to catch her
Not even an "Oooh!" or an "Ahhhh!" to cheer her on.
No need for The Big Top.
This was just for her.
She reached the platform
And turned around to do it again

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Birthday, Nadine!

Today is Nadine's Birthday!!!!

Nadine is one of my best friends. I've known her since college. We were lucky enough to reconnect in Dallas in 1999 (or was it 1998?). We are more than sorority sisters, she's my rock. I think there are things I've told Nadine that I've never told anyone else...I know, hard to believe since I put it ALL out her on my blog...but there are.

Nadine was my first official "Follower". She doesn't leave comments and she doesn't have a blog (though I wish she would...hint, hint), but she'll usually email comments to me. In many ways when I do get to see her, it's like we haven't skipped a beat. She's lived as far away from me as Alaska and is now back in Florida...but still feels like she's been here all along.

Thank you, Nadine!

And have a very Happy Birthday!