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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Very Full Heart

I watched this movie last night that I had DVR'd (greatest invention since Cadbury Eggs). It was called "Have a Little Faith" by Mitch Albom.

Cheesy? Yes. Over the top emotionally? Yes. Predictable? Yes. Gave me a good, healthy cry? Yes.

The critics overwhelmingly disliked this movie.

I loved it. It felt good. We need more of these types of stories and movies. I wanted to be taken on this cheesy, emotional movie ride. I was okay with pretending I didn't know what was going to happen because I knew it'd take me to a place of gratitude. The movie/story comes from goodness. Those cheesy messages it delivered were all true.

I absolutely loved this part of the movie and have decided to share it in its entirety. The rabbi is telling the story called "He Sleeps in a Storm"

Here it is:

"A man seeks employment on a farm. He hands his letter of recommendation to his new employer. It reads simply, 'He sleeps in a storm.'

"The owner is desperate for help, so he hires the man.

"Several weeks pass, and suddenly, in the middle of the night, a powerful storm rips through the valley.

"Awakened by the swirling rain and howling wind, the owner leaps out of bed. He calls for his new hired hand, but the man is sleeping soundly.

"So he dashes off to the barn. He sees, to his amazement, that the animals are secure with plenty of feed.

"He runs out to the field. He sees the bales of wheat have been bound and are wrapped in tarpaulins.

"He races to the silo. The doors are latched, and the grain is dry.

"And then he understands. 'He sleeps in a storm."

"My friends, if we tend to the things that are important in life, if we are right with those we love and behave in line with our faith, our lives will not be cursed with the aching throb of unfulfilled business. Our words will always be sincere, our embraces will be tight. We will never wallow in the agony of 'I could have, I should have.' We can sleep in a storm.

"And when it's time, our good-byes will be complete."

-- "Have a Little Faith" by Mitch Albom, page 93, From a Sermon by the Reb (Rabbi Albert Lewis), 1975
This movie was on the Hallmark Channel. If you have a chance, try and find the re-broadcast. It's worth it.
I went to bed with tears in my eyes last night and a very full heart.


  1. Aw! Cyber tissue anyone??

    Its ok Stephanie! This time of year cheesy movies run abound and its perfectly acceptable!!

    I watched The Ginch Who Stole Christmas (the orginal) on TV and it gave me a happy little glow, that I haven't experienced in a while.

  2. Very interesting message, isn't it? And something we should all consider when working on thing, whether at work or at home. If you do the work while performing a task, you won't have to worry about it when the storm comes. For example, if you save money while you have it, you'll have it when you need it the most. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Aw, my little Stephanola, Dry your tears and blow your nose. I don't have Hallmark channel, but I have Showtime, Starz, Encore, don't even know them all. I find plenty to make me cry every single day without turning on the TV. And the DVR is the greatest invention since sliced bread.


  4. We have plenty of bad things to cry about. We all need a GOOD cry once in a while!

  5. Dreamer - I totally enjoy The Grinch! We recorded it to watch another night. Snoopy Come Home is another one that always gets me.
    Joshua - Yes, it gives us a lot to ponder.
    Lola - I love that the only things that make me cry right now happen to be stories on the tv. Feels good for a change.
    Fishducky - So true my duck billed friend, so true!

  6. I have tears just from reading your review, Stephanie. I will look out for it. Such a beautiful message. Thank you very much for making us aware of it.

  7. HEY STEPHANIE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I missed your birthday hon! Sorry about that darlin! So happy happy happy birthday followed by a great big ole squeeze and a wet smoocharoo!!! We are the same age, you and I!!! :) xoxox

  8. I love the hallmark channel. You should have called me. :)

    That story is great. Reminds me of all the times I have done fire prevention rather than run around putting out all the fires.

    So worth doing so I can sleep at night.

  9. Dear Stephanie,
    I have only basic cable and so I don't get the Hallmark Channel, but the library has a wonderful collection of television shows so maybe I'll be able to find "Have a LIttle Faith" there. Like you, I like to see movies that stress living with gratitude. And crying can often leave me feeling happy!


  10. Thanks for this post, Stephanie. I'm so glad you shared the story, "He sleeps in a storm." That's so cool. The movie sounds great. I'll watch for it and I'll tell my sisters. They'd love it, too.

  11. I LOVE the Hallmark channel. I'm going to find this if I can :0)

  12. I really liked that too. I thought Martin Landau was just great.

  13. I miss the Hallmark channel - one of the sacrifices I made when I got rid of the TV. I may have a hunt around online.

  14. I love the message here! It's actually kind of my motto in life. :)

  15. great story, and moral. tuesdays with morrie is the book by albom i read, and liked very much.