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Monday, November 7, 2011

Dear Mom - A Random Notecard From "The Nut"

"Dear Mom,

I think I deserve extra desert because I have good behaveyer.

1. I lissen when you tell me to turn off the tv.
She turned off the tv because I told her she wouldn't get dessert if she didn't.

2. I gave you lots of hugs and kisses.
More slobbery kisses than I suspect Padded Cell Princess' in-law's St Bernard, Beaufort could give...and her hugs almost knocked me off of my chair. I had to de-slime my face...but secretly I liked it.

3. __________________________________________ "
I have no clue what she was going to write here. She didn't have time to finish it because I was ordering for the 3rd time to go upstairs and change into jammies.


  1. As long as she has good behaveyer & lissens well, what more could you ask for--maybe a spelling lesson?

    Speaking of spelling--when my son was 9 or 10, he hated taking showers. Once, when he finished his tortuous cleansing & I went to straighten up the bathroon, I saw that he had written the "F word" on the mirror--but he had put an "e" on the end. What a quandry! I didn't know what was more important--teaching him not to swear or correcting his spelling!

  2. Did you give her extra desert by making her sit in the garden and depriving her of water?

  3. Why does she want to move to Nevada for anyway?

    I quite liked the stage where they send random notes about anything and everything. I wonder if she'll move onto the 'tick boxes' format any time soon?

  4. Fishducky - that is a really funny story about your son's misspelling of the f-bomb.

    Maxwell - My child is a camel, she needs very little water

    Arlequin - I have no clue why she would want to live in the desert...and yes, this stage of random notes is fun. Check yes if you agree, or no if you don't agree.

  5. Well she left #3 blank so that you could insert one of the many gems of course. Kids keep us entertained.

  6. Still, it's a fantastic letter. And everyone deserves "extra desert."

  7. Stephanie, a wonderful posting that gives us the "flavor" of the relationship between you and your daughter!


  8. Girl give that kid some extra dessert! lol She earned it with that one!

  9. Oh my gosh HOW DARLING! I love this :0)

  10. Just say yes. I always do.


  11. Very creative - you have to give her extra dessert, just for the effort. LOL!

  12. She definitely deserves more desert!

  13. I'd have given her every bit of sugar in the house for that! She is too cute and too funny! Heaven forbid her and Beauford ever met and tried out slobbering each other!