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Monday, March 24, 2008

Great shots of Peanut

Robert sent me these great photos that he took of Peanut. Love the flying Barkley photo...and I miss our dog, Bogey. Robert took Bogey when we separated since he works from his home and would be available during the day to walk him. Was a good idea...but seeing the photos reminded me of how cute that sweet pup is. Perhaps the best thing about getting these photos was sharing them with family and friends and being able to say "Robert sent me these". The sharing of photos, funny sayings is good...we've come a long way and it will only make Peanut a happier child and stronger person.

Pig-tailed Pick Pocket

Peanut has discovered that going in "Mom's Purse" can be a lot of fun. Here are a couple of her that I took one morning before I took her to school. I had convinced her to let me put her in pigtails...another first (at least for her to let me do it). Notice how there's a nightgown under her turtleneck. She had a fit when I tried to take it off, so we just left it on underneath her school clothes. She kept it on all day. This was one battle I think was good for her to win. Another shot included is her making off with a fruit snack pack. The fruit snack was returned safely to the cabinet and did not press charges.

The Collection Room

Had this closet under our staircase that was packed with stuff. I hadn't seen the back of it (L-shaped) in about 6 years! One weekend while Peanut was with her dad I took everything out of the closet, painted it pink (ceiling and walls) and turned it into a Princess Closet. I had so much fun with the special touches, and it almost made me forget that I missed her. The closet was in surprisingly good shape. I was afraid I'd find bugs, etc back there...but not a single one. She knew I was doing something special with the closet, but I don't think she comprehended it until she saw it. I think it was a bit overwhelming b/c we are in the process of remodeling the house and a lot of stuff has been moved around. She renamed it her "Collection Room". Think that's supposed to mean her collection of costumes. I had the door taken off and added door beads to it, but haven't taken a picture of that yet. She enjoys the door beads b/c she can swish them back and forth and pretend it's a car wash. I think you can probably fit at least 3 little kids in this closet. I attached a butterfly wind chime to the pull cord for the light so she can reach it to turn it on...and the chimes let me know that she's in there. The other day I heard her pull the light switch and say "The Dolly house is open for business"...cute. I'm posting both the before and after pics.

Madonna goes to see the Doodlebops

A friend had free tickets to take the girls to see The Doodlebops in concert last month. Peanut is not a huge fan, but thought it would be fun to take her b/c the music is so upbeat. We dressed the girls up in princess attire. Peanut let me put her hair up for the first time. Her favorite music is Madonna's, so she went around telling everyone she was Princess Madonna. I think we had 3 skirts on over her Esmeralda costume. Thinking I may dress her up as 80's-style Madonna for Halloween this year. She enjoyed the concert, but liked the popcorn and cotton candy better.

Long Time No Blog

Sorry, I know I'm not up-to-date. Working on it now. Some of these photos I've probably emailed to several of you, but will try and put them in chronological order.