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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Nope, I Got Nothing

I discovered house guests in my shower this morning. First I noticed a spider...a big one...about the size of a quarter. Ughhh! Ran to get a shoe. Whacked the spider and was adjusting the shower curtain when I noticed something dark moving across the shower curtain liner...A ROACH!


It must be the unusually wet and humid weather because I can't remember the last time I saw a roach in my house.

While I was showering I tried to come up with a joke.

I knew it needed to be a clean joke.


"A roach and a spider are hanging out in the shower, the spider turns to the roach and says, "____________________"


Nope.....I got nothing.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Sunshine and Rain

When I say goodnight to Peanut I often say, "Goodnight, be my Sunshine in the morning". I've been doing this since she was about 2. I even recorded it on a Build-a-Bear stuffed dog that she made when she was 3.

Last night I ended up letting her sleep in my bed. I decided that weening her off of sleeping in my bedroom wasn't a good idea this week because she's about to start her Winter Break long stretch with her dad. I'll definitely see her during this time, but I don't know how many overnights she'll have with me. I have her the second half of the break this year...better to start that process then.

She was being really good yesterday, so I let her bring her big horse in the bed. I usually just take the horse off the bed when I'm ready to get in it. Last night I went into the room and found her intertwined with the horse. She named the horse Rain after the female horse in the movie "Spirit". Couldn't resist taking a photo...she looked so comfortable.

Moral of this story is:

It's okay to go to bed with Rain as long as you get to wake up with Sunshine

Friday, December 10, 2010

The Fifth One

We had our Chanukah party last weekend. I must say it was one of the best to date. Tracy (and Rudy, Rudy, Rudy), Christian, and Kim and Al brought their kids. They're so grown up! Hard to believe that at the first Chanukah party they were too little to spin a dreidel. David and Joy Joy, my next door family, were there...and I must say Joy Joy, you looked beautiful! Ardie whipped up his delicious latkes again. Mel was supposed to come with his girls, Rachel and the "Other Peanut". I'm calling his eldest the "Other Peanut" because she has the same first name as my Peanut...and I try and keep her name off this blog. Unfortunately Mel's back went out on Friday. It was really bad this time and the pain medication caused a migraine. Double whammy for him, and I'm at least thankful that he was able to make the office party on Sunday.

Mimi and Paw Paw arrived with food in hand. I love that they participate in this part of Peanut's life. Uncle Brio also showed up with Sprout (Boop stayed home with Aunt Tracy) and Robert D and Michelle were there for about 15 minutes. That's about all I can hope for, so I was actually pretty pleased that they came. Michelle has never seen our home.

We had some new guests this year. Peanut has two classmates (twins) who are Jewish. She had a play date with the girl a few weeks ago and I had the chance to meet their dad and his family when I dropped the friend back home. We were introduced to Sue and Brad at that time, and I had a chance to get to know them better at the twins' Chanukah party the night before ours...so I invited them as well. Peanut had one more classmate that we invited...her mom, Lisa, is one of my favorite new school mommy friends. She is so friendly and genuine. Erin and Lori from my Thursday night group were also there.

I think we had close to 30 people this year! I need a bigger house!

The line for the latkes was out the door! Not really, but they were scarfed down almost as quickly as they were served. Friends/family came and went and the kids really enjoyed playing dreidel and Chanukah Bingo.

Lori, Sue and Brad stayed later with their kids and we had some nice time winding down. Lori's daughter is 14 and decided Peanut needed to organize her room and the Princess Closet. They had a blast together. Peanut loves older girls...I was the same way at her age.

Despite being disappointed Mel couldn't make it with his daughters it was a great party and I think everyone enjoyed themselves. There was just enough food and wine, and I was surrounded by great people.

I didn't think we could top last year's party, it was quite magical...but if you were to ask me which was my favorite, I'd have to say, "The fifth one."

"That's not gimel, it's nun...so you get none!"

"I'm making them as fast as I can!"

Scalp Em!

Notice the football game on the tv in the background

Tracy and Rudy, Rudy, Rudy....awesome!

David and Joy Joy, my next door family

Never too young to start playing dreidel...
just don't eat it

Peanut's friends enjoyed dressing up

Yes, Peanut is wearing the same costume as last year...
though she started out in a something different

I do not like this photo of me...
that's why it's at the bottom

Friday, November 19, 2010

Moving As It Should

I have this wall clock in my dining room. The pendulum hasn't been working for quite some time, reasons unknown. This is pretty unnerving for me because I like the movement. I think I actually feel "off" when it's not moving. I've replaced the batteries, adjusted how it's mounted on the wall, given it a good tap to set it into motion...nothing. If I had to guess the pendulum has not been working for about 3-4 months...drives me crazy! It's supposed to move! So every time I turn on the dining room light or adjust the thermostat on the wall (both inches from the clock) I look at that damn thing and shake my head.

Yesterday morning I was getting ready to leave for work and went to adjust the thermostat. There was that lifeless pendulum. I gave it a nudge for old times sake and left the house.

Woke up around 2am this morning. Big Bad Bud Bud decided to wake me up. Went to get out of bed and found Squash under the covers, nestled up to the side of my leg. Odd because he hadn't "burrowed" in my bed in a long time. Turned on the light to make sure it was Squash. He was eerily quiet for Squash and I was so out of it I wasn't even sure if I was awake. Strange. Got up for a glass of orange juice (it just sounded good at that moment). Flicked on the dining room light rather than the kitchen light. Drank my juice and reminded Buddy that it was not time for breakfast. Went to turn off the dining room light and glanced over to the clock.


Thought perhaps this was a dream, but sure enough it was still working this morning.

Smile on my face. In a strange way my world is now moving again as it should.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Don't Forget the Tooth!

Peanut lost her second tooth this past weekend. Since she lost her first tooth when she was with Robert D this was my first time as the Tooth Fairy. Tough act to follow because he gave her a ten dollar bill (all he had in his wallet). I meant to get some two dollar bills for the occasion, (the coolness factor makes up for being a lesser amount) but didn't get around to it.

She went to bed (in my bed....again) with the tooth under her pillow. I usually stay up a good 2-3 hours after she goes to bed each night. I just need that down time. I remember sitting on the couch watching something I had DVR'd and thinking that I needed to go retrieve that tooth and put some money under her pillow. Brain was in auto-drive and I mindlessly went to bed around 11pm.

We were slowly waking up Sunday morning when I realized I forgot to take the tooth and leave money. No sooner did I get out of bed (leaped out of bed!) and she said "I wonder what the Tooth Fairy left me." I managed to grab a five dollar bill out of my wallet and had the intention of getting back into bed and tucking it under her pillow...well there went that idea. I put the $5 under my pillow and said, "Look, it's under my pillow. That must be because you were sleeping on my pillow when I came to bed last night. The Tooth Fairy must have thought she needed to go to my pillow and when she didn't find the tooth she decided to leave the $5 anyway".....gave her a sideways look and waited for a reply (feeling like the world's worst Tooth Fairy at that moment)...She looks at me and says, "I better get up and write her a note about forgetting my tooth". She races into the living room to make a note...

Think fast Tooth Fairy Reject!

I scrounged around in my closet and came across a Snoopy and Woodstock pin set that had never been removed from the packaging...I thought I had a silver dollar in my jewelry box, but no luck...Snoopy pins...I settled for the pins...made sure she wasn't looking and opened the bedroom window just a crack. Took the tooth, left the pins.

She comes back from the living room with a note card telling the Tooth Fairy that she forgot the tooth...but she did thank her for the $5! That part of the note was awesome and made me very proud.

I walked over to the window and said, "Peanut, did you open this window?" Of course she said no and proceeds to put the card under the pillow. That's when she discovered visit number two from the Tooth Fairy. She was ecstatic and I was grateful that she bought my story. The Tooth Fairy must have flown back in through the window!

She spent the night with her dad Sunday night, so I saved the card and she put it under her pillow last night. The Tooth Fairy did not forget to retrieve the card.

Monday, November 8, 2010

The Reverse Hit and Run

Over the weekend I was driving Peanut and one of her playmates back to our house after their soccer game. We were stopped at a light. When the light turned green I started to go and so did the cars around me...unfortunately the car in front of me stopped short. Admittedly, I was a little distracted, so I'm not even sure if it was that they stopped short, or that they hadn't started moving yet. Needless to say, I slammed into their rear bumper. It was a pretty light tap thankfully. I pulled over right at the intersection thinking they'd do the same...but they kept going! So I waited through another light and headed past the intersection in the direction they were going. I couldn't find them. Very confused about what to do, so I waited a minute or two and then drove home. The girls were completely unfazed by this incident, thankfully. My front license plate was bent up, but no other damage. When we got home I called the police department to report that I hit someone and that they ran. It was definitely my fault, so either they didn't feel it or they didn't have car insurance (or were illegal, who knows). It was a nice vehicle so that makes it all the more confusing. They said that nobody had reported an incident at that intersection, but better to be on the safe side. I'd hate to think the other driver was waiting for me and thought I ran. Policeman was very nice about it and I'm glad that I called and reported it. When the dad came to pick up his daughter after Peanut's play date I relayed that we were in a minor accident, and of course apologized. It was a humbling experience and I was nearing tears at the thought that it could have been worse than it was. Thank goodness the dad was understanding. Still confused about the reverse hit and run though!

Monday, November 1, 2010

One Cool Cat

Yesterday we took a trip to the pumpkin patch. We went with friends and the girls had a great time. It was our 5th year going to this...I give it another year or two and she will have outgrown it....sigh.

Peanut was a Cheshire Cat for Halloween. I was still sewing on fuzzy stripes 3 hours before she went trick or treating. I got the hood and the tail on-line and put it with one piece jammies and fuzzy fabric. We found Cheshire Cat socks at Target too! Only thing we forgot was her gloves...they were in the car. oh well...

We went to Robert D's neighborhood again this year. Pretty fancy neighborhood and it was hard not to feel a bit jealous that I don't live in one of those big, beautiful homes...

Mimi and PawPaw were there along with Robert D and his girlfriend. I'm so glad we get along the way we do. Peanut has some classmates with divorced parents and I keep hearing how they trade off years. Better all around when everyone gets along and the kids have both their parents for these types of things...more on that topic later.

Peanut got a lot of compliments on her costume and she managed to keep it on the entire time...and without messing up the makeup. This is a first. I don't like to do mainstream costumes...too many princesses and Dorothy's on the block...my Peanut is one cool cat!!!!

Friday, October 29, 2010

A Night Without Barkley

Peanut's Great Grandma Rose died yesterday. She was 102! This is Robert D's maternal grandmother. Grandma Rose had been living in Dallas for the past 4 years, so Peanut got to spend a lot of time with her (she lived at Mimi and Paw Paw's house for most of that time). We used to enjoy dinners with her on the Tuesday nights when Mimi would pick Peanut up from school for me. Most of the time her brain was pretty sharp, it was her body that failed her. She had the most beautiful face for her age, nice complexion. Very pretty lady and I love that Peanut looks a little like her.

Robert D had been at the hospital all day yesterday (they took Grandma off of life support in the morning). I picked up Peanut from school for him and kept her overnight. Usually Barkley only goes in her backpack on days when she switches houses...so The Barks was still at Daddy's House when I picked her up. It was about 8pm when she realized that she'd have to go to bed without Barkley. She's only done this once in her life, so big tears started flowing. Add to that the sadness she was feeling knowing Grandma Rose was dying and that she wouldn't be able to see her to say good-bye and we were seconds away from a full blown meltdown. I wouldn't blame her if she went that route...it had been a tough day and The Barks is such a steady comfort for her. I bargained in ways I wouldn't normally. I told her she could put her giant stuffed horse, Rain, in the bed along with her mechanical dog Biscuit and the rest of the Barkley family (Baby Barks, Big Barks, Fluffy Barks and Boop)...she was still tearing up when I was trying to get her PJ's on...finally just looked at her and said, "Would it help if I let you sleep in your Belle costume?". That did the trick for about 1 minute and the tears rolled again..."How about if Mommy lets you sleep with her old Snoopy?"....Bright eyes, and a big grin! She's never been able to sleep with my 40 year old Snoopy dog...I wouldn't even sleep with him for fear he'd turn into shreds. Telling her about all the repairs that Papa Sam had made to Snoopy when I was little helped calm her down. I found that relaying stories about her great grandparents (living and deceased) has really helped this past week. She's felt more connected and so have I.

She was ready for bed after reading for about 20 minutes (some book about a stinky kid). Gave her a hug and a kiss, told her to "be my sunshine in the morning" and left the room...after about 2 minutes she called out that she couldn't sleep. Told her to try really hard. Five minutes later not a peep out of her.

I hope she never has to spend another night without Barkley.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Trouble Brewing

Who knew a book I purchased in 2006 for $1.00 would become a favorite?! Found this book at a dollar store in October of 2006. Peanut picked it out, I think. It was a book called "Trouble Brewing"...a Halloween book. I first read it to her when she was about 2 1/2. By the end of the month she practically had it memorized. We've pulled it out around Halloween time every year and she even brought it with her to day care to recite. I often use silly voices for characters in stories, and the voices I've used for these particular characters have remained the same over the years. This year Peanut can read the book on her own and using the voices! She was Star Student this week at school and one of the items she was to bring in was her favorite book. She brought "Trouble Brewing" to class with her on Tuesday. She told me that usually her teacher would read the Star Student's book to their classmates...This time was different.  Peanut got to read her book voices and all! I must admit, she tells it better than I. When I picked her up from school I found her reading to a couple of her classmates. It was adorable!

"Delicious" she cackled
"It still needs some snake skins, Dizzy"
"What's that dreadful smell?" he bellowed

I need to figure out how to put audio on this blog...I guess you kind of just have to be there to really appreciate "Trouble Brewing".

Monday, October 25, 2010

Quite Extraordinary

We had the parent/teacher conference with Peanut's teacher a couple of weeks ago. Her reading tested at a third grade level and her math was at a second grade level...this, of course, makes me very proud as she's only in first grade. The teacher said she hasn't noticed Peanut getting distracted to the point where it affects her work...if anything, she said that Peanut tends to get too into her work which makes it hard for her to follow directions and move on to the next assignment, etc. She said that she writes 3-5 pages in her journal when only a sentence is required and that she thinks she'll make a great actress! Fun!

Perhaps the most touching piece of news was when she said that Peanut befriended another girl in the class who was having difficulty making friends. It feels so good when people notice her kind, sensitive side...makes me feel even better that she has that capacity. I was always the shy, timid kid in school...having a social butterfly for a child is more than I could have hoped for. The fact that she uses that skill for the benefit of others makes her quite extraordinary in my eyes.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Miner Issues

After lunch today I decided to run downstairs to the vending machine to get a chocolate bar...been sleepy a lot lately and needed a quick fix of chocolate. Pretty fed up with antidepressants at the moment, but telling myself the side effects are nothing compared to the alternative.
So I make it downstairs with 70 cents in hand (I had to borrower a quarter from a co-worker because all my spare change goes to Peanut these days)...the machine will only accept exact change. Drat! Run back upstairs and ask around for a nickel. Have my trusty nickel and change in my hand as I'm walking downstairs and I dropped it all (I gotta stop swinging my arms when I walk!). Double Drat and boogers! Managed to find the change and am about to partake in a probably stale Butterfinger.
I was walking up the stairs and reminded myself about the miners from Chile. I've been following this since it was first reported they were trapped (and possibly dead). Terrific story of bravery. I think at this point 21 of the 33 have been pulled to safety after spending over 2 months trapped in a mine... in mostly darkness. Think about it! No sunshine, no fresh air for over 2 months! Made me stop and take a minute to be thankful that I'm not in that darkness right now. Amazing rescue, amazing story of people coming together, people at their best. Stale or not, I'm going to enjoy that Butterfinger without complaint...and everything else in my life that's bothering me right now seems minor compared to that life changing event for those men and their families...not to mention the people who helped rescue them.

Today, the only issues I need be concerned with are Miner issues.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Relationship Books

I'm on a roll, so I'm going to keep going with this bad date from dating sites theme...read a profile today from a guy who I saw read mine. It was a little wishy washy, but nice and he was nice looking so I kept reading... he wrote something about how he's had failed relationships in the past (he's divorced, so I assumed that) yaddi yaddi...no big deal at that point...then I look at the section where you get to write your likes and dislikes. Under "books read" he wrote, "I write relationship books". Huh?!

So if he ever were to say to someone, "I write bad relationship books" would that mean he writes books about bad relationships or relationship books that are bad?!...just sayin'

Monday, October 11, 2010

Out of the Blues

Had a bit of a hard time this past weekend. Went on 3 separate dates and came up 0 for 3 (I know, feast or famine). It's getting easier to recognize when someone is not a good match for me, but still feeling quite let down.

I've got a pretty big case of the blues right now. I just don't want to be sitting across from anyone new, grinning through my disappointment. I'm tired of wishing I could be back in a relationship that felt comfortable and equally matched...where there was no awkward silence, only connected silence...where there were no doubts about how the other person felt about me (and vice versa). I want to feel like I did when I was with Russell those first few dates. That almost instant "I get you" feeling that comes when you're truly with someone who sees you for you.

Reminds me of a line in a Steve Perry song, ..."the trick of the dreamer is keeping yourself from the blues"...Only I didn't do a good job of keeping myself from there and now just want to be out of the blues.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Back in the Habit

Had lunch date from hell yesterday. I was ready to leave from the first hello. Actually, he didn't even say hello...this is how the date started:
WYLIE (using nickname but his name is Bruce)- "Don't tell me that car with the Obama magnet is yours"
ME- "Yep, that's mine"
WYLIE - "My insurance premium just went up. Thank you. Maybe you should be the one to pay for lunch"
ME - Just imagine a stunned look and then my wall goes up..."It's nice to meet you too" (How's that for sarcastic?!)
It only got worse from there. When he brought our food to the table, he pretended that he was serving me because I'm such a bossy person (he called me bossy in a text when I simply asked him where and what time he wanted to meet up). Mentioned cats, he's allergic.... was talking about my profile picture with Papa Sam in it (Papa looks like the Jewish Colonel Sanders with his goatee)...got a "That's right, you're Jewish, aren't you?"...asked me who called the shots in my marriage...and my favorite was when he told me I could lick the bowl if I needed to (I was finishing soup at La Mad's...you don't leave soup! It's too good). Can you say "passive/aggressive"?!!!
See ya!!!!
Actually had some fun telling co-workers about this dreadful date. That boy had problems.
I got home yesterday afternoon and received a text from Wylie...it said, "Hey you"
Huh? Seriously? And you're texting me why?
I just deleted it. Not even worth a reply. I did email a co-worker to tell her I heard from him. This is how that conversation went:
BT- "That guy is bat sh_t crazy"
ME - "No kidding, I'm going to convert and become a nun"
BT - "So not your style"
ME- "I'm sure it will eventually become a 'habit'"...BA DUMP BUMP!

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Earlier this year I was online looking for summer camps for Peanut. One website was chock full of info and also had a drawing for a 3 night stay at the Gaylord Texan in Grapevine. I forgot about entering the contest, but a couple of months later I received a call saying I had won!!!! I chose Labor Day weekend. The trip was for a family of 4 so I invited my friend Tracy and her daughter along. It was one of the nicest vacations I've ever taken and then first vacation in quite some time that didn't involve visiting family. Best of all we did not have to take a plane ride to get there. They had a theme of Alice in Wonderland at the hotel. I dressed Peanut up as Alice and Tracy dressed her daughter up as The Red Queen. They were adorable and I got some great photos of our experience.

Can I Have a Snack?

Peanut's reading skills have improved so much over the summer. She pretty much tries to read everything she gets her hands on. I found a cute chapter book called "Ivy + Bean" at the bookstore. I had it on her seat when I picked her up from school a couple of Mondays ago. Normally when we get in the car the first thing she does is ask for a snack. She immediately started reading the book. She was reading out loud and using different voices for each of the characters...this always cracks me up especially since she gets that skill from me. She read the entire way home and the entire way to her ice skating lessons. She was still reading the book as we were walking through the mall. I had to hold one hand and guide her so she wouldn't bump into anything. A clerk and a few people passing by commented on her zest for reading. I felt very proud. When we arrived at the rink she actually had to make a choice between extra reading time or free skate time before her class. She chose the skating at my urging...but went straight to the book when the Zamboni machine was cleaning the ice. Since then she's read 4 of the "Ivy + Bean" books...though she does remember to ask for a snack when she gets in the car.

First Grade Without Her Barks in the Backpack

Peanut started first grade a few weeks ago and I've been meaning to post the photos. We found the sweetest dress over the summer and she looked just adorable. Best of all, Barkley stayed in the car all day and without incident.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I'm back!...but I only have time for this quick post.
It was a very interesting experience to not have this blog for a month. I am looking forward to re-connecting with it...and with sharing myself again.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Complete Overhaul

I'm noticing a pattern every ten years. A pattern I hope to break in 2020.

1980 - The "rents" separated and we moved to the house on 109th. Lots of adjustments and turmoil that year...but we did move into what would become the only place where I've ever felt like I was "home"
1990 - I was in college. At the beginning of the year I ditched the alcoholic boyfriend, changed majors... and moved (and lived completely by myself for the first time).
2000 - I moved to a new apartment, my Grandma Ann passed away, I hated my job so much that I quit without having another job...and I found my current job and love it here. I started what has now become a ten year tradition with Papa Sam (Phone calls every Friday night to wish each other "Good Shabbos")
2010 - *@!!*#!!!!! - Everything has just felt "off" this whole year. I'm not moving this year, but I am giving my idea of "home" a complete overhaul.

Friday, July 23, 2010


I feel a lot of emotion when I listen to music. I think that's true for most people and if not music, then there are other forms of art that can do the same. Found a great song off of the SYTYCD show. I find a lot of what ends up being my favorite music when watching SYTYCD. Something about seeing expression through dance that touches me even more. Sometimes it brings out tears but mostly those tears are about just feeling life in its deepest, purest form. I'm amazed by bodies and what they can do and I'm amazed by the depths of the human emotions we are capable of. I'm amazed by being able to dive into mine without being swallowed up by them...something that I haven't always been able to do.
One in particular is a new favorite. I only heard this song for 30 seconds...that's all it took to grab me (it was one of the contestant's solo music),it was so moving...especially because of the contemporary style dancing. It's called "To Build a Home" and it's by The Cinematic Orchestra. The lyrics in the second verse and the imagery it creates is exquisite, remarkable, oh my gosh genius! For a change I am able to feel the sadness for him (the person the song is referring to) instead of incorprating my life into the song...which is probably why I can listen to it so often.
So look it up and listen (If you have time to read my blog, you have time to look up music!) :-)
It has a sad ending, but the story will hopefully leave you feeling positive...as it strangely does for me. At the very least, it will leave you feeling grateful.

Monday, July 19, 2010


Cat-ouflage - Squash matches
my room!

Kept Peanut's Self Potrait
on my bedroom door

Changed my bedroom up a bit a few months ago. I've been meaning to post the pictures. Finally hung a couple of pictures on the wall above the bench and de-cluttered most of the room. I liked the comforter set because of the colors, but mostly because the style was called "Connected".

Friday, July 9, 2010

Percy Love

Giving Percy a pet when she came in (notice the reflection on the right)

Percy Love has been removed from Peanut's "list" recently. She now likes him (even when he barfs all over the floor). Not sure how this change came about, but not questioning it. Percy is no longer a "dumb cat". Last night when we came home she decided to show Percy some lovin. Right as I was taking two of the photos he leaned over to kiss/sniff her face. Captured it as best as I could with my regular camera. I'm so glad she's finally being sweet with our fluff monster that is Percy Love.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Ice Follies

Took Peanut ice skating Saturday afternoon with Brad. This was their first introduction and it went really well. They seemed to like each other and both appeared to be very comfortable which makes me happy. More on that later.
I've wanted to learn how to ice skate for as long as I can remember, but I've been too afraid. I've always done that...been afraid to try things because I think I might fail...and I've missed out on a lot.
We laced up our boots and went out on the ice. Brad took Peanut around a few times and then she was pretty much able to make the track on her own (holding onto the rails only about 1/2 the time). She was in heaven! She's had a couple of lessons before, but it's been a good year and a half, if not two since the last lesson. I went ahead and did their 15 minute introductory lesson. I wasn't as clumsy as I thought I'd be. I probably made it around the rink 10 times...mostly with the coach, but a few times on my own after the lesson was over. I had so much fun.
I WENT SKATING!!!!! ...and I only fell once! I DID IT!!!! (Picture the little Peanut's Gang "happy dance" with Snoopy's nose up in the air and everyone be-boppin from side to side...that's what's going on in my brain at this moment).
We are definitely going back again. In fact, I've signed Peanut up for a 5-week summer session. I'll tell her today, she's going to be so excited.
And, who knows, maybe I'll take their adult class in the future.
Lookout world, this Drama Queen is just made for the Ice Follies!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pinch Me

Barkley resting comfortably in the booster
seat waiting for camp to be over
1st day of camp yesterday

Today is a really special day! Peanut has always taken Barkley with her to day care, school (tucked away in her backpack) and planned on bringing him to camp. I think she's maybe slept 1 night without him since she he was first put in her crib. The Barks goes everywhere! This morning her camp was going on a field trip. Last week I talked to her about Barkley going to camp with her. He must stay in her bag (unless it's free play time) and he's not allowed to go to camp on days they have field trips. I was waiting for a fuss this morning, waiting for crocodile tears...waiting, waiting...She gave Barkley a good long hug, and left him in the car! Oxygen, I need oxygen!!!! Somebody pinch me!!!!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Recital

Peanut had her ballet recital last weekend. I got some great candids from her, but the quality of my photos still needs some work. She did a wonderful job and we enjoyed some ice-cream with Mimi and Paw Paw after her performance. Barkley wore his best tuxedo! Apparently it was more like a bad dress rehearsal for me and my camera. I can't wait to get more tips from Papa Norman next week when we head to Florida.