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Friday, November 19, 2010

Moving As It Should

I have this wall clock in my dining room. The pendulum hasn't been working for quite some time, reasons unknown. This is pretty unnerving for me because I like the movement. I think I actually feel "off" when it's not moving. I've replaced the batteries, adjusted how it's mounted on the wall, given it a good tap to set it into motion...nothing. If I had to guess the pendulum has not been working for about 3-4 months...drives me crazy! It's supposed to move! So every time I turn on the dining room light or adjust the thermostat on the wall (both inches from the clock) I look at that damn thing and shake my head.

Yesterday morning I was getting ready to leave for work and went to adjust the thermostat. There was that lifeless pendulum. I gave it a nudge for old times sake and left the house.

Woke up around 2am this morning. Big Bad Bud Bud decided to wake me up. Went to get out of bed and found Squash under the covers, nestled up to the side of my leg. Odd because he hadn't "burrowed" in my bed in a long time. Turned on the light to make sure it was Squash. He was eerily quiet for Squash and I was so out of it I wasn't even sure if I was awake. Strange. Got up for a glass of orange juice (it just sounded good at that moment). Flicked on the dining room light rather than the kitchen light. Drank my juice and reminded Buddy that it was not time for breakfast. Went to turn off the dining room light and glanced over to the clock.


Thought perhaps this was a dream, but sure enough it was still working this morning.

Smile on my face. In a strange way my world is now moving again as it should.

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