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Monday, November 1, 2010

One Cool Cat

Yesterday we took a trip to the pumpkin patch. We went with friends and the girls had a great time. It was our 5th year going to this...I give it another year or two and she will have outgrown it....sigh.

Peanut was a Cheshire Cat for Halloween. I was still sewing on fuzzy stripes 3 hours before she went trick or treating. I got the hood and the tail on-line and put it with one piece jammies and fuzzy fabric. We found Cheshire Cat socks at Target too! Only thing we forgot was her gloves...they were in the car. oh well...

We went to Robert D's neighborhood again this year. Pretty fancy neighborhood and it was hard not to feel a bit jealous that I don't live in one of those big, beautiful homes...

Mimi and PawPaw were there along with Robert D and his girlfriend. I'm so glad we get along the way we do. Peanut has some classmates with divorced parents and I keep hearing how they trade off years. Better all around when everyone gets along and the kids have both their parents for these types of things...more on that topic later.

Peanut got a lot of compliments on her costume and she managed to keep it on the entire time...and without messing up the makeup. This is a first. I don't like to do mainstream costumes...too many princesses and Dorothy's on the block...my Peanut is one cool cat!!!!

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