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Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Be strong in your gentle sort of way,
Firm without the feeling of tension.

Knead me,
But don't twist me into knots.

If you squeeze me hard enough and in the right places
I just might fit back into my shell.

It's silly, you know,
That I'm like putty in your hands.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Sweet Companion

It was there when the middle child returned
After announcing she was running away from home...
She only made it to the end of the block with her suitcase packed,
Then promptly returned to find her mother waiting.

It sat and patiently helped her to sleep,
Listening to the stories her mother told of Two Boots, the Cat
Over and over again.

It waited for the day that child had a child of her own.
And without missing a beat
Found its rhythm again

It rested quietly in the room by the foothills for 20 plus years.
Seldom used over that time,
But not forgotten by those it comforted in the past.

It unexpectedly departed to a new home...
It would never know that the middle child shed tears
As she fondly remembered the gentle ways
Of her mother's black, wooden rocking chair.

 Good bye, sweet companion.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Open Mic

My ex used to roll over and whack his manhood on the side of my thigh to let me know he was "in the mood for lovin".
So I tried whacking him in the head with a can of polish and a rag to let him know I was "in the mood for a clean car"
Wax on, Whack off!
He also used to tell me I had no sex drive.
I drive perfectly,
I just didn't want to when he was in my car.

Monday, April 16, 2012


You give good weekend.

Silly phone calls while I'm browsing through racks of clothing I don't need to buy.
Playing DJ on wheels.
Marveling over a lunch truck that sells all meals BACON.
Hanging out on the bar stools as our friend gets her poetry on.
Giggling over Rocky's Horror until the wee hours in the morning.
Slobbery "Packet Ball".
A haircut and a trip to the Fountain of Youth.
Slaying zombies with plants while you sling birds at pigs.
Tears in my eyes when I realized this is my life, and I like it.
Laughing at your jokes.
Chicken Caesar Salad...and a croissant.
Promising you there would be Texas Toast on Sunday night.
Squirrels evading your trap.
Scouting out a neighborhood for my mom....just far enough away.
Planning a special birthday present for a little girl who adores you.
Spooning off to sleep.
But not before assuring you I love the idea of eating cake with you.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What Lies Within

What lice in her head causing my child to be sent home from school before us
And What lice in our pillows and sheets and blankets and stuffed animals behind us
Are tiny matters (creepy, crawly, tiny little f'ers) compared to
What lice all over MY head making me itch like f'ing crazy within.

We had a lovely bout of head lice in our house again last week. I had it almost as badly as Peanut this time.

Thank you to Rudolph for being so nit picky when I needed it most. You are no louse! I think this is true love...I slept with olive oil on my head for two nights and you still found me desirable.

It must be because of what lies within.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

17 Weeks.....plus a few days

17 weeks, plus a few days...
That's how long it's been.
Seems like longer, yes?

Could it really only be 4 months?

I wore jeans and a copper colored top
With tan boots...
And some sparkley jewelry...to complete
I admit I wore my best fitting "good booty jeans"
On purpose.

You wore your suit of armour,
It's at least one size too large,
But fits your stage persona.
All I saw were how blue your eyes were
When the spotlights caught your smile.
In your photos I thought they were brown!

4 months
122 days

That's it?

It's no surprise that it feels like longer.

My question is this...

What do we do when the love we've created
Is too big to fit inside just 17(plus a few days) weeks?