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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Open Mic

My ex used to roll over and whack his manhood on the side of my thigh to let me know he was "in the mood for lovin".
So I tried whacking him in the head with a can of polish and a rag to let him know I was "in the mood for a clean car"
Wax on, Whack off!
He also used to tell me I had no sex drive.
I drive perfectly,
I just didn't want to when he was in my car.


  1. Bah-dun-dun...

    You really have a talent at stand up. Looks like your Rudy is rubbing off on you in more ways that one...DOH!

  2. "Wax on, Whack off"--was your ex the Karate Kid?

  3. That's whacky.
    Or is it whackluster?

  4. Dr. X would lie behind me when I was on my side and try to stick it where it didn't belong. Fortunately, he was so tiny he never got a hole in one. Love your post.


  5. Sounds like a whack job to me!

  6. Oh gosh, who could top Janie's comment. I'll just laugh then.

  7. Wait.... I think we were married to the same guy.

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