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Monday, April 23, 2012

Sweet Companion

It was there when the middle child returned
After announcing she was running away from home...
She only made it to the end of the block with her suitcase packed,
Then promptly returned to find her mother waiting.

It sat and patiently helped her to sleep,
Listening to the stories her mother told of Two Boots, the Cat
Over and over again.

It waited for the day that child had a child of her own.
And without missing a beat
Found its rhythm again

It rested quietly in the room by the foothills for 20 plus years.
Seldom used over that time,
But not forgotten by those it comforted in the past.

It unexpectedly departed to a new home...
It would never know that the middle child shed tears
As she fondly remembered the gentle ways
Of her mother's black, wooden rocking chair.

 Good bye, sweet companion.


  1. Background - My mom is possibly moving to Dallas (from Albuquerque). She had a garage sale and sold the chair not realizing how much I wanted it. This is not the actual chair. I'm sure if I look back in family albums I can find a photo, but I didn't have the time to do that. I have it committed to memory, though...and really that's all that matters.

  2. We had a child sized rocking chair that my husband's grandmother sat on as a little girl. My mother-in-law had it & gave it to us. We gave it to our daughter & she, in turn, gave it to our first born granddaughter, who has no children as yet. I understand EXACTLY what you're saying.

  3. This looks exactly like the rocker in our house when I was growing up. Haven't thought about it in years. I just discovered your blog and I think it's great. I look forward to coming back and enjoying more of your thoughts.

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  5. That is too bad. I am not very sentimental about things in general, but things like that make me tear up with fond memories. So sorry Honey!

  6. I have the little rocking chair I was sitting in the first time The Beatles were on Ed Sullivan. I also have a somewhat bigger rocker that I used to nurse my babies at night. I'll never part with my rockers willingly.


  7. I love rocking chairs.

    I admit though, when it came time to get rid of the glider rocker I rocked Oldest and Youngest in it was really difficult. I think I still have the cushions upstairs...

  8. Ugh, do I know that feeling. I'm so sorry.