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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What Lies Within

What lice in her head causing my child to be sent home from school before us
And What lice in our pillows and sheets and blankets and stuffed animals behind us
Are tiny matters (creepy, crawly, tiny little f'ers) compared to
What lice all over MY head making me itch like f'ing crazy within.

We had a lovely bout of head lice in our house again last week. I had it almost as badly as Peanut this time.

Thank you to Rudolph for being so nit picky when I needed it most. You are no louse! I think this is true love...I slept with olive oil on my head for two nights and you still found me desirable.

It must be because of what lies within.


  1. Too cute! Well, not so much the first part of the post as much as the last part!

  2. Ew! I hate lice! What's with the olive oil? Ihaven't heard of that one before. Email me and let me know. I was so glad to see you today.. I was just thinking about you yesterday and wondering how things were going. However I couldn't figure out how to contact you. Which always sucks. Then just now I remembered i have your email. Sigh. I'm truly losing it.

  3. I spent all day yesterday picking through three heads six times each, and did twelve loads of laundry with about six to go. But I didn't get it.

  4. Loving you with olive oil on your head is one of the primary definitions of true love!


    It must be love....

  6. Never had lice, but I'll sleep with olive oil or peanut butter or Miracle Whip on my head if it'll bring me some lovin'.


  7. I feel your pain Love...BLECH!! Thank goodness for our Rudies.

  8. Oh gosh, glad you are surviving there.

    That would be all out war in our house and prob would involve some sort of flame-thrower. It is good to be follicly challenged as in my case though.