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Saturday, April 7, 2012

17 Weeks.....plus a few days

17 weeks, plus a few days...
That's how long it's been.
Seems like longer, yes?

Could it really only be 4 months?

I wore jeans and a copper colored top
With tan boots...
And some sparkley jewelry...to complete
I admit I wore my best fitting "good booty jeans"
On purpose.

You wore your suit of armour,
It's at least one size too large,
But fits your stage persona.
All I saw were how blue your eyes were
When the spotlights caught your smile.
In your photos I thought they were brown!

4 months
122 days

That's it?

It's no surprise that it feels like longer.

My question is this...

What do we do when the love we've created
Is too big to fit inside just 17(plus a few days) weeks?


  1. Aw! You got it baaaaad!!! Heehee! So wicked frigging happy for you!!

  2. In the short time I've known you. this is the happiest you've ever been. May it last forever!!

  3. very happy for you. you deserve it:)

  4. Then you get married and live happily ever after.


  5. This was SO not where I thought a 17 weeks post was going! Phew! (wipes sweat from brow)


  6. Wow I couldn't tell you how long I have been with Tim in weeks and days since it is closer to 29 years now that we have been together

    1. JoAnne - 29 years is a great accomplishment. How special!!!

  7. Sounds like you are living in bliss...

    No such thing as a love too big

    Maybe a kiss,


    Think big or go home....that's what I say....

    Happy Passover Doll... and I see you weren't passed over!