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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Right CJ?

We've been having some fun at my house lately. Peanut had $25 Chanukah gelt (money) to spend. About 3 weeks ago we went and got a guinea pig. The precious little creature snuggled right into Peanut's chest when the clerk at the pet store put him in her arms. He's calico colored, like a cat...so she named him Calico Jack ("CJ"). He was about 3-4 weeks old when we got him. I haven't had a guinea pig since I was little. I forgot how sociable they are! This silly creature has totally captivated our hearts with his squeaky, chirping ways. The third night we had him, Peanut was kind of wound up. I sent her up to her room for the night. It was 8pm. I told her she could play quietly with the guinea pig for 20 minutes and then it was bed time. I went back downstairs and lost track of time. I was on the phone. It was way too quiet upstairs!

This is what I found when I got up there!

Sweet girl fell asleep with her Calico Jack tucked under her arm! It's hard to tell from the photo, but he was not being smushed by her...he was just quietly sitting there. We've had so much fun letting him play with her old toys. We put her old "Cars" movie play rug on the floor for him and a wooden barn that my mom gave her. He loves it. He's quite the ladies man and he likes browsing on Amazon.com for interesting cage decor! 

I'm posting pics of him on Facebook like he's my child! Just tickled by this little dude!

The cats have yet to see him. We have him locked in Peanut's bedroom. We're going to just keep it that way, right CJ?

Friday, February 22, 2013

Future Good News

I'm blogging from my Kindle which could prove interesting. My computer died a quick and sudden death a couple of weeks ago and I've been too busy to find its replacement. I had hoped to share some good news this weekend, but instead will tell you good news for the future: My mom is moving here from Albuquerque. She's building a home in a senior community. It will be so nice to have more family here. My ex's parents have been wonderful but I'm looking forward to not having to ask them for help...I'd rather just contact them because I like their company. My mom found a buyer for her home...a cash deal! They were supposed to close on March 7th and she'd move here on the 8th. Well, the flaky people backed out of the deal. It took them a month to make the decision,(they gave my mom a low ball offer, she met them in the middle and they originally turned it down...then changed their minds and signed the offer last week). I was supposed to find her an temp apartment this weekend...those plans are on hold...sigh...we are all crossing fingers that she gets another offer by the time her new home is built (mid July). I know it'll work out. Now if we can just keep anxiety at bay! I have more to write but am wiped. Off to bed for me. I hope to catch up on reading some blogs this weekend. I miss that, and I'm sorry for not checking in sooner. Love, Stephanie