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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Don't Forget the Tooth!

Peanut lost her second tooth this past weekend. Since she lost her first tooth when she was with Robert D this was my first time as the Tooth Fairy. Tough act to follow because he gave her a ten dollar bill (all he had in his wallet). I meant to get some two dollar bills for the occasion, (the coolness factor makes up for being a lesser amount) but didn't get around to it.

She went to bed (in my bed....again) with the tooth under her pillow. I usually stay up a good 2-3 hours after she goes to bed each night. I just need that down time. I remember sitting on the couch watching something I had DVR'd and thinking that I needed to go retrieve that tooth and put some money under her pillow. Brain was in auto-drive and I mindlessly went to bed around 11pm.

We were slowly waking up Sunday morning when I realized I forgot to take the tooth and leave money. No sooner did I get out of bed (leaped out of bed!) and she said "I wonder what the Tooth Fairy left me." I managed to grab a five dollar bill out of my wallet and had the intention of getting back into bed and tucking it under her pillow...well there went that idea. I put the $5 under my pillow and said, "Look, it's under my pillow. That must be because you were sleeping on my pillow when I came to bed last night. The Tooth Fairy must have thought she needed to go to my pillow and when she didn't find the tooth she decided to leave the $5 anyway".....gave her a sideways look and waited for a reply (feeling like the world's worst Tooth Fairy at that moment)...She looks at me and says, "I better get up and write her a note about forgetting my tooth". She races into the living room to make a note...

Think fast Tooth Fairy Reject!

I scrounged around in my closet and came across a Snoopy and Woodstock pin set that had never been removed from the packaging...I thought I had a silver dollar in my jewelry box, but no luck...Snoopy pins...I settled for the pins...made sure she wasn't looking and opened the bedroom window just a crack. Took the tooth, left the pins.

She comes back from the living room with a note card telling the Tooth Fairy that she forgot the tooth...but she did thank her for the $5! That part of the note was awesome and made me very proud.

I walked over to the window and said, "Peanut, did you open this window?" Of course she said no and proceeds to put the card under the pillow. That's when she discovered visit number two from the Tooth Fairy. She was ecstatic and I was grateful that she bought my story. The Tooth Fairy must have flown back in through the window!

She spent the night with her dad Sunday night, so I saved the card and she put it under her pillow last night. The Tooth Fairy did not forget to retrieve the card.

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