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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Back in the Habit

Had lunch date from hell yesterday. I was ready to leave from the first hello. Actually, he didn't even say hello...this is how the date started:
WYLIE (using nickname but his name is Bruce)- "Don't tell me that car with the Obama magnet is yours"
ME- "Yep, that's mine"
WYLIE - "My insurance premium just went up. Thank you. Maybe you should be the one to pay for lunch"
ME - Just imagine a stunned look and then my wall goes up..."It's nice to meet you too" (How's that for sarcastic?!)
It only got worse from there. When he brought our food to the table, he pretended that he was serving me because I'm such a bossy person (he called me bossy in a text when I simply asked him where and what time he wanted to meet up). Mentioned cats, he's allergic.... was talking about my profile picture with Papa Sam in it (Papa looks like the Jewish Colonel Sanders with his goatee)...got a "That's right, you're Jewish, aren't you?"...asked me who called the shots in my marriage...and my favorite was when he told me I could lick the bowl if I needed to (I was finishing soup at La Mad's...you don't leave soup! It's too good). Can you say "passive/aggressive"?!!!
See ya!!!!
Actually had some fun telling co-workers about this dreadful date. That boy had problems.
I got home yesterday afternoon and received a text from Wylie...it said, "Hey you"
Huh? Seriously? And you're texting me why?
I just deleted it. Not even worth a reply. I did email a co-worker to tell her I heard from him. This is how that conversation went:
BT- "That guy is bat sh_t crazy"
ME - "No kidding, I'm going to convert and become a nun"
BT - "So not your style"
ME- "I'm sure it will eventually become a 'habit'"...BA DUMP BUMP!

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