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Monday, October 11, 2010

Out of the Blues

Had a bit of a hard time this past weekend. Went on 3 separate dates and came up 0 for 3 (I know, feast or famine). It's getting easier to recognize when someone is not a good match for me, but still feeling quite let down.

I've got a pretty big case of the blues right now. I just don't want to be sitting across from anyone new, grinning through my disappointment. I'm tired of wishing I could be back in a relationship that felt comfortable and equally matched...where there was no awkward silence, only connected silence...where there were no doubts about how the other person felt about me (and vice versa). I want to feel like I did when I was with Russell those first few dates. That almost instant "I get you" feeling that comes when you're truly with someone who sees you for you.

Reminds me of a line in a Steve Perry song, ..."the trick of the dreamer is keeping yourself from the blues"...Only I didn't do a good job of keeping myself from there and now just want to be out of the blues.

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