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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Miner Issues

After lunch today I decided to run downstairs to the vending machine to get a chocolate bar...been sleepy a lot lately and needed a quick fix of chocolate. Pretty fed up with antidepressants at the moment, but telling myself the side effects are nothing compared to the alternative.
So I make it downstairs with 70 cents in hand (I had to borrower a quarter from a co-worker because all my spare change goes to Peanut these days)...the machine will only accept exact change. Drat! Run back upstairs and ask around for a nickel. Have my trusty nickel and change in my hand as I'm walking downstairs and I dropped it all (I gotta stop swinging my arms when I walk!). Double Drat and boogers! Managed to find the change and am about to partake in a probably stale Butterfinger.
I was walking up the stairs and reminded myself about the miners from Chile. I've been following this since it was first reported they were trapped (and possibly dead). Terrific story of bravery. I think at this point 21 of the 33 have been pulled to safety after spending over 2 months trapped in a mine... in mostly darkness. Think about it! No sunshine, no fresh air for over 2 months! Made me stop and take a minute to be thankful that I'm not in that darkness right now. Amazing rescue, amazing story of people coming together, people at their best. Stale or not, I'm going to enjoy that Butterfinger without complaint...and everything else in my life that's bothering me right now seems minor compared to that life changing event for those men and their families...not to mention the people who helped rescue them.

Today, the only issues I need be concerned with are Miner issues.

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  1. Whenever I feel like my life is bad, I am always shown that I have it so much better than many others and it helps me to put things in perspective. Good for you and I hope your Butterfinger was NOT stale.