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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Can I Have a Snack?

Peanut's reading skills have improved so much over the summer. She pretty much tries to read everything she gets her hands on. I found a cute chapter book called "Ivy + Bean" at the bookstore. I had it on her seat when I picked her up from school a couple of Mondays ago. Normally when we get in the car the first thing she does is ask for a snack. She immediately started reading the book. She was reading out loud and using different voices for each of the characters...this always cracks me up especially since she gets that skill from me. She read the entire way home and the entire way to her ice skating lessons. She was still reading the book as we were walking through the mall. I had to hold one hand and guide her so she wouldn't bump into anything. A clerk and a few people passing by commented on her zest for reading. I felt very proud. When we arrived at the rink she actually had to make a choice between extra reading time or free skate time before her class. She chose the skating at my urging...but went straight to the book when the Zamboni machine was cleaning the ice. Since then she's read 4 of the "Ivy + Bean" books...though she does remember to ask for a snack when she gets in the car.

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