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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Complete Overhaul

I'm noticing a pattern every ten years. A pattern I hope to break in 2020.

1980 - The "rents" separated and we moved to the house on 109th. Lots of adjustments and turmoil that year...but we did move into what would become the only place where I've ever felt like I was "home"
1990 - I was in college. At the beginning of the year I ditched the alcoholic boyfriend, changed majors... and moved (and lived completely by myself for the first time).
2000 - I moved to a new apartment, my Grandma Ann passed away, I hated my job so much that I quit without having another job...and I found my current job and love it here. I started what has now become a ten year tradition with Papa Sam (Phone calls every Friday night to wish each other "Good Shabbos")
2010 - *@!!*#!!!!! - Everything has just felt "off" this whole year. I'm not moving this year, but I am giving my idea of "home" a complete overhaul.

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