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Friday, July 23, 2010


I feel a lot of emotion when I listen to music. I think that's true for most people and if not music, then there are other forms of art that can do the same. Found a great song off of the SYTYCD show. I find a lot of what ends up being my favorite music when watching SYTYCD. Something about seeing expression through dance that touches me even more. Sometimes it brings out tears but mostly those tears are about just feeling life in its deepest, purest form. I'm amazed by bodies and what they can do and I'm amazed by the depths of the human emotions we are capable of. I'm amazed by being able to dive into mine without being swallowed up by them...something that I haven't always been able to do.
One in particular is a new favorite. I only heard this song for 30 seconds...that's all it took to grab me (it was one of the contestant's solo music),it was so moving...especially because of the contemporary style dancing. It's called "To Build a Home" and it's by The Cinematic Orchestra. The lyrics in the second verse and the imagery it creates is exquisite, remarkable, oh my gosh genius! For a change I am able to feel the sadness for him (the person the song is referring to) instead of incorprating my life into the song...which is probably why I can listen to it so often.
So look it up and listen (If you have time to read my blog, you have time to look up music!) :-)
It has a sad ending, but the story will hopefully leave you feeling positive...as it strangely does for me. At the very least, it will leave you feeling grateful.

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