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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pinch Me

Barkley resting comfortably in the booster
seat waiting for camp to be over
1st day of camp yesterday

Today is a really special day! Peanut has always taken Barkley with her to day care, school (tucked away in her backpack) and planned on bringing him to camp. I think she's maybe slept 1 night without him since she he was first put in her crib. The Barks goes everywhere! This morning her camp was going on a field trip. Last week I talked to her about Barkley going to camp with her. He must stay in her bag (unless it's free play time) and he's not allowed to go to camp on days they have field trips. I was waiting for a fuss this morning, waiting for crocodile tears...waiting, waiting...She gave Barkley a good long hug, and left him in the car! Oxygen, I need oxygen!!!! Somebody pinch me!!!!!

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