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Friday, September 7, 2012

That Bow

"I suck at wrapping," she said as she handed him his gift.
Sam looked at Isaac nervously while he started to unwrap the lumpy box.
"I can never get the creases right and I'm all thumbs when it comes to tape."
Isaac recognized her nervous chatter and reached out with smiling, blue eyes. She loved that he knew when to do that.
"Seriously, it's bad wrapping. Can you believe I spent half an hour doing this?"
He inspected the box with amusement, she knew he was joking.
"I mean, who spends half an hour wrapping a gift!"
Isaac set the box down, touched his right hand against Sam's left cheek, and said, "I don't need fancy packaging to tell me that I'm going to love what's inside."
"Damn!" she said, "I wasted $2.99 on that bow."


  1. Hahaha! I can't wrap to save my life so I purposely wrap things in horrible paper bags, classified ads, or one time a Walmart plastic bag. I figure that if I'm going to be a terrible wrapper then I should use terrible supplies because then nobody expects it to be good anyway. ;)

  2. Good punchline but I thought women were better at wrapping than men.

  3. I'm the one that wraps the presents. The Wife puts everything else in a bag with tissue paper.

  4. I LOVE wrapping presents with big, fluffy bows!!

  5. I'm more the tissue bag kind of girl. Or if the kid is small enough, the hide the gift behind the back and reveal it at the best time works well for me also. :)

  6. I love running a knife under the ribbon and making it all curly. But people don't do that very much anymore.

    1. I like doing that also, only I use child proof scissors! :)

  7. Dear Stephanie, i loved it! Peace.

  8. These characters would be so cute together in a book!