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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Off Duty Mom

It is interesting how my ankle felt pretty good Sunday (for the circus), Monday and Tuesday (nights I have Peanut)...but when I came home yesterday and could actually put my foot up to give myself a rest...it started to hurt...like mother nature saying "You can take a break now and feel the pain of your sprained ankle b/c this is not your night to be a mom"...so yesterday I thought by today I'd be in regular shoes (flats, of course) instead of wearing this ankle brace...today I'm back to the brace...and taking care of my ankle. While I realize I am a mom 100% of the time...when I'm "Off Duty" it is time to recharge and refresh...and feel what I feel. So I guess when you have a family that is "in-tact" your spouse can give you those down times (and vice versa)...and when your family is divorced you learn how to give yourself the time...and that it's okay to need it...a bit lonely this way...

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