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Monday, August 4, 2008

That So Used to Be Me!

Took Peanut to the Waffle House Sunday morning for breakfast. We were sitting in a booth next to these three women who obviously worked together. They spent their entire delicious breakfast complaining (with a capital B) about co-workers...who was pulling their weight, who wasn't...and all the suffering they had to endure on the job because of it...it took me back to my last job (and the job before that, and the job before that). I wanted to turn around and say "Do you think the person you are talking about is wasting their weekends talking about you?" and "Find some joy in life outside of your job and your job/hate/anger won't consume you like it is now". I can remember having dinner/lunch/countless phone calls with friends over these same topics. Nothing was ever accomplished other than someone else agreeing that "somebody had done me wrong"! I think it must be a combination of finding a job where the typical office b/s just doesn't exist and growing the hell up! If your boss or co-worker is an A-hole...don't give them the upper hand by revolving your life around how much you've been wronged...it makes your face wrinkle up in ugly ways and wastes your life...and complaining about it rarely makes you feel better.
Now, if I could just start applying this a little more to my personal life...I'm getting there

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