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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ballet, Hooray!

Peanut started her ballet classes back up on Saturday. Only 3 kids showed up to the 8:45am class since it was a holiday weekend. Her instructor wanted to see how she'd do at the 9:30am class (with the 5 year olds), so she let us stay for the second session. She did pretty well and I think this will be a better class for her because older kids always seem to motivate her. Photos did not come out as well as I'd like, but just don't know how to adjust my camera for the lighting in the room. Thanks to the digital camera lag, I caught her with some strange faces...she did have fun, really! The littlest girl was not participating at all. First timer. Didn't get any shots of the 9:30 class...wanted her to not have to think about mom snapping pictures! This was one of the rare occassions where parents get to watch, so I just had to capture the moment. Right?

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