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Monday, July 30, 2012

Back in Time - Bluebonnets 2012

It is a rite of passage in Texas to have your childhood photos taken in the bluebonnets every year. These lovely flowers only bloom once a year (around late March to mid April). You can see sprays of them along the highways and in empty fields. There is a small field in our favorite park (Peanut calls it the "Castle Park") where the bluebonnets bloom every year. If you photograph it just right you can block out the utility lines and houses that neighbor the property. I was mostly successful this year AND Peanut was in an especially "pose-y" mood for me. We didn't have her original Barkley with us that morning, but she brought along Barkley's sister, Fluffy, for the occasion. These pictures always make me smile, especially when it's Peanut's time with her dad and I'm missing her...and sometimes I catch myself looking at these photos and thinking, "I made that! She's my child!"

Next year I plan on dragging Rudolph to the bluebonnets for photos!


  1. Too cute! I just took my bluebonnet screen saver off my computer last Friday. Love the bluebonnet pictures and the traditions. Another reason to feel blessed by living in Texas.

  2. Wonderful pictures of a gorgeous child.

  3. I had no idea about bluebonnets! Beautiful! I can see why it is a rite of passage. :)

    1. Jess, thanks for following me. Loved your post yesterday!

  4. Dear Stephanie. Lovely. Peace.

  5. Precious! I think I need a trip to Texas....

  6. Beautiful, beautiful Peanutola created and carried by beautiful, beautiful Stephanola.


  7. Great pics! We left Texas before kids came along, so none of those shots for us.

  8. Absolutely love the last one. :) Barkley's sister is quite photogenic.

    I make the kids pose with dandelions. Yes, I know they are a weed. No, I don't care.