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Friday, August 1, 2014

Must Be Your Sunshine

Bizzy finally had enough of the darkness behind her eyes and banished all negative thoughts to the space under her bed.
The monster cried out, "Your thoughts don't sit well with me!"
She paid no mind to that monster and pulled the drapery back to let the sunlight in.
The monster was furious and rumbled and roared until it exploded.
She opened the window to let the dread out of the room.
The negative thoughts slowly crept out from under the bed and gave her an encouraging smile.
The room was radiant,
And her eyes,
She turned her thoughts to the sunshine.


  1. Oh i like this... love the descriptions and the visuals of it.

  2. Oh, that's a good one, Stephanola.


  3. Dear Stephanie, you do have a way with words and your imagination is vivid. The wonderful thing is that you can connect the imagination with the words and paint such vivid pictures for us. Peace.

    1. Hi Dee, thank you for your kind words. Always a treat to hear from you.