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Friday, November 9, 2007

Ever since the accident

Had my first car accident yesterday while on my lunch break. Was pretty scary and brought up all sorts of emotions. I was heading east on Alpha Rd and had the green light. Car that was coming from opposite direction and turning left didn't yield right of way. Didn't even see her until I hit her because she was trailing behind an 18 wheeler that had also just turned left. I was thinking to myself "wow, that truck is nervy for turning without an arrow" and BOOM!!! there was the other car. Apparently the lady assumed she had a green arrow since the truck just turned and she didn't slow down to make sure she could go. Her view of me was also blocked by the truck. Was amazing how many people stopped to make sure we were okay, including the lady who was behind the car that I hit. When she mentioned that it tugged on her heart b/c she too has a car seat in her back seat I started bawling...really hit that Peanut could have been in the car! Aaak...thankfully I was a block from the office and Sandi came to be with me. The lady whose car I hit was very nice, and I was so glad she wasn't hurt. The officer didn't issue a ticket to her, but she did acknowledge that she shouldn't have tried to turn. Her insurance should cover the damage, etc. By the time we were done giving our reports, exchanging info, etc we got to know each other pretty well...ended up giving her a hug before I left. I say any accident where (1) nobody gets hurt and (2) you can hug the person that you just had the accident with is a "good accident" (?) :)

Pictures are of my car (Charlie Brown) and the car I hit. I am so getting a Toyota again the next time around. My car is being fixed, but it is so tempting to get a new car now rather than waiting until my 40th birthday next year as planned.

Brings me to another story. There was this guy in high school named Robert Berezin. We were in drama and driver's ed together. Before I got to know him I always heard him start every sentence with "Ever since the accident...". Well naturally I thought the first couple of times that I heard it that there must have been some horrible accident that he was in...WRONG! He just thought it was cool to give that impression...a little wierd, but he was pretty darn funny most of the time. Fit right in with the drama crowd.

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