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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Clearing Out

Clearing out some random thoughts in my head:

"We are always livin in twilight",

"You turned me into, somebody loved"

Proxy server

Peanut...this is a given...she's always a part of me...my carefree, creative, daring, engaging, sweet side...

Cadbury Eggs...another given

Brand new bra is digging into my sides...itchy, darn!

Should have had breakfast this morning

The way Squash circled me when I was sitting on the floor putting on my shoes this morning. Kept going around and around, stopping to love up against my shoulders and then flopping down on my leg to purr and receive ear scratches.

The Boogieman is not to be feared...and is actually quite sexy

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  1. I find the monster under the bed quite fetching myself. :)

    I buy my bras at a store that allows me to return them if I hate them... Win! Win! see... I posted about it here...


    And damn. Now I NEED a cadbury egg...