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Monday, January 21, 2008


I found this doctor costume for Peanut some time ago and then completely forgot about it. Saw it in the closet the other day and brought it out to show her. Good timing because she's finally into playing dress up. She took one look at the picture on the package and said "That's a boy's costume" (because there was a boy in the picture). So she wouldn't wear it. Later Sunday night, when it was time to have her quiet time before bed, she decided she was going to wear the costume. She was going to do everything in her powers to delay bedtime. I pulled out my camera, of course...and indulged her whim. We decided that she was going to exam her Daddy Braun big dinosaur. His neck is all wobbly now b/c the wiring got detached from the base of his body. She's been pretty worried about him, so he's been staying home lately (instead of riding with us in the car everywhere). So she examines him for boo boo's and then listens to his heart, checks his ears and eyes...didn't think you were supposed to put the equipment right on top of the eye, but he's not complaining! Then she goes to write him a prescription. I took the pad and told her I'd write it for her. Then I asked her what she prescribed for his cough...she makes up Humtymetocin (pronounced "Hum Time Tocin")...thought that sounded pretty close to a real medicine and it just cracked me up. We had to call Mimi and Dr. Paw Paw after that...thought Paw Paw would enjoy it since he's a retired doctor. She was so proud of her diagnosis and course of treatment. She examined Barkley next and decided he was just fine...

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