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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

To the curb and beyond...crunch!

I was pulling up to Peanut's day care yesterday and as I was turning right into the circular driveway I dented my car. I was hugging the curb a little too much in an effort to make the turn and I didn't see the huge white rock that was in the landscaping...crunch! @*&!! :(
I will take a photo today or tomorrow...damage was just to the passenger door all the way at the bottom...not horrible, but also not an easy fix. Poor Sally, haven't even had her a month and I've already dented her. BTW, we named her Sally. I gave Peanut the choice of Sally or Snoopy (in keeping with my Charlie Brown/Peanuts car theme...see earlier posts). She chose Sally, of course, because it's also the name of the female car in Disney Pixar's Cars Movie. So, Sally it is...
I don't know if it's the car or my not being fully over the scare of being in an accident last November, but my driving has certainly changed. The accident in November wasn't all that bad, but I think the fact that it could have been is really getting me. What if Peanut was in the car? What if I hadn't slowed down before going through the intersection? What if someone was in the back seat of the car I hit?, ...the "what ifs" are doing me in. At any rate, even my parking abilities suck at the moment. That I can attribute to the new car b/c it is a little harder to turn the steering wheel in this car than my last. So I end up backing up and straightening at least once. OMG! I'm one of "those" drivers! I hope this being overly cautious subsides soon. At least I'm aware of it...and I'm now aware of the big rock next to the curb.


  1. Yikes! That sucks! After my accident a few years ago with my Jeep my driving habits were definitely affected for a long time. Even now I find myself more leery than usual when it is raining. I am sorry Sally has a boo-boo!

  2. Gah!! I know how you feel! I could tell you stories about my black truck - oh wait, you know most of them!